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Sommet Edelweiss - January 21, 2024

What a beautiful day on the slopes. The weather was cold but perfectly reasonable, thanks to the bright sun and the bluebird skies (that always warms one's spirit). Today's visit was to Sommet Edelweiss. The mountain had all terrain from Chemin des Bois to Zoomer open, served by two quads, namely the Edelbahn Express and the Meister 4000, as well as the magic carpet.

As one would expect, the great weather and snow conditions, was all that was needed to get people off their couches and come ski, and that is exactly what happened. Upon my arrival at 10 am, the parking was already quite full (rough guess about 75% filled), but the number of people on the slopes was quite moderate by comparison. Lift lines moved very quickly at the Meister, while at the Edelbahn they were generally a few minutes at most. A competition was taking place on the some of the slopes and that helped bring in more people.

Conditions overall were fantastic, a nicely groomed base with a bit of loose soft snow on top, and no ice. Literally, the best conditions of the season thus far.

The Magic Carpet beginner area, with profiled learning terrain.

Heading inside for a quick lunch, and not checking the time... I arrived at the worst possible moment, noon. Despite that, I still managed to find a spot to sit down, and have my traditional ski lunch, which includes hot dogs, fries and a Coke. Maybe by the end of the season, I'll write a retrospective blog post on which mountain in the region offers the best of each...

With lunch finished, I resumed my time on the slopes and continued enjoying the great blue sky and sunny weather. Edelweiss offers a 200m vertical drop, which translates into long trails with plenty of contours and terrain features. What is very interesting is how there are multiple intersections and junctions, in which you can switch from one trail to another during a descent. For example, on one run, I started from the summit of the Meister quad, headed down Top Notch, to join Easy Street, then at mid-mountain, crossed over to Yoddler, and finally emerged onto the bottom of Zoomer to reach the Edelbahn Express. Alternatively, you can also jockey back and forth between Easy Street and Chemin des Bois, crossing between several times in a run. It is truly fun and enjoyable. Don't know which trail to take when you are at the top? Head off in any direction and you are sure to find your own unique way as you go. 

When fully open, Edelweiss offers around 7 different ways down the mountain (if looked at in a traditional top-to-bottom fashion), however with the junctions and intersections present on the mountain, those 7 ways quickly become much more and make for nearly endless combinations to explore and try. Suffice it to say, you are never left bored.

As the hours continued to tick by, my visit eventually came to an end. Another great day on the snow and it is always a fun experience to come back to Edelweiss. The main buildings and colours have a Swiss feel to them, very cozy and unique.

Until next time, I'll see you on the Edelbahn.

Here are some more scenes from this visit to Sommet Edelweiss.

Top Notch
Easy Street
Trou du Diable
Easy Street
Rue Principal
The Chalet and Annex
Meister 4000
Edelbahn Express

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Ski Conditions

  • Soft-packed
Camp Fortune - January 22, 2024 (Snapshot)
Mapping the slopes !

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