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Mont Orford - March 29, 2024

What a difference a week makes! Skiing last Sunday at Owl's Head in powder after the Saturday dump, to skiing Mont Orford today with good old spring corn snow. Lukas and I arrived at the mountain right at 8am, and got decent parking. I was expecting the lot to be filling up early, but it wasn't........until later in the morning. It was cloudy, and starting to get mild already. The sun tried to poke out a few times. The Giroux North, and Alfred Desrochers Quad were operating along with the Hybride Six Pack/Gondola. 22/43 trails were available for the day. We got ready to go, and headed up the Hybride for our first run on the 4km trail.

On the way up it was a little breezy. It was cool but not cold. At the top we headed right for the 4km as this is Lukas' preferred warm up run. At the top, being a little cooler, we skied on groomed granular snow on a firm base. There were a few icy patches starting to show through typical of Spring skiing but nothing serious. I noticed a couple of small stones in the mix which I picked up and tossed into the woods so others wouldn't ski over them. As we got lower down the mountain, we definitely noticed the change in the snow. It was getting softer and more springlike.

Further Down the 4km:

From there we went over to the Giroux North Quad for a few runs. We skied the Famillale, Magog, and the Pente Douce that runs under the Quad, which is the lower section from the Magnum. The snow here was more springlike than up above. The trails were groomed as well, corn snow over a firm base. After a few runs we headed in for a small break at about 10 or so to get a drink. 

A View of the Magnum, Familliale, and Pente Douce:

After our break we headed over to the Alfred Desrocher Quad. There were 3 trails open in this section, the Grande Allee, Toussiski, and Cascade. I was hoping for the brooks to be open and flowing down Alfred Desrochers. I was not dissapointed! They were flowing!. This is my favourite section of the mountain to ski. The flowing brooks make the ride up quite soothing with the sounds. We skied the Grande Allee, and Toussiski. More soft corn snow on a firm base. There were some ice patches, but there was plenty of room to avoid them. 

The Top of the Grande Allee, and Lower Section, With the Toussiski:

 We then went for another ride on the Hybride and the 4km. By this time it was about 11 and the snow had softened up, and started to form into small piles that you would ski through. Back to the Giroux North Quad for a couple more runs, and then one more up the Alfred Desrocher. We finished the day at 12:30 as our legs were tapping out. I would have done a few more runs, but didn't want to risk a possible injury. When my legs scream I listen. We had a great day of spring skiing, and conditions were really good. Zero line ups at both Quads, and the Hybride. With today being the last at Orford, I'm already looking forward to next season here!

Here Are Some More Scenes From the Day:

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