Mapping the slopes !

Wait, what? A Google Street View of a slope! How? Let me introduce how I've embarked on this incredible project.

I've always been on the lookout for innovation! As much as I adore technology, I also have a deep passion for hitting the slopes. That's precisely why this project holds such immense significance for me. It represents the perfect infusion of technology into the world of this beloved sport. Despite the plethora of videos and people on the slopes, there's nothing quite like this.

Being a Google Trusted Pro, I've traversed many miles since the early days of my career. I've consistently strived to capture breathtaking views of my cherished memories. This journey led me to employ 360-degree cameras. With this cutting-edge equipment, you never miss a single angle, providing a more immersive perspective of the slopes. Moreover, it grants virtual access to individuals who might never have the opportunity to experience the slopes in person. This was, in fact, another driving force behind my endeavour – to extend the opportunity for older or differently-abled individuals to appreciate the beauty of skiing and snowboarding. I distinctly recall returning from a snowboarding trip with my child, and each time, my father eagerly asked if I had recorded any videos. He had a profound appreciation for watching those videos. Now, with these virtual tours, everyone can relish the same remarkable experience.

So, now you understand why this project holds such profound importance for me and why I've personally dedicated myself to it.

Stay tuned as I continue to share more of my upcoming virtual tours covering all the slopes featured in my Street View collection!

Google Street View of Edelweiss

Below, you'll find my first Street View tour of Chemin Des Bois at Sommet Edelweiss. I hope you enjoy the journey!

Sommet Edelweiss - January 21, 2024
Mont Bellevue - January 18, 2024
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