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Owl's Head - March 24, 2024

After the latest dump of snow we had received in the past couple of days, Owl's Head was the destination of choice this morning. We left Sherbrooke just after 7am with a pit stop at Tim's, we arrived at 8:15 in the parking lot, and it was already beginning to fill up. Races were being held on the Blue Chair today, and with everyone taking advantage of a beautiful day, Owl's Head was a bustle of energy right from the get go. It had been 30+ years since my sister Heather had last skied here. We had been planning this day for awhile now, and we couldn't of picked a better day to go! All lifts were spinning and 36/50 trails available to choose from. Conditions were fantastic! Packed and loose powder over a firm base. Coverage was great! Some trails were groomed, some hadn't. What was groomed, was groomed earlier last night, and some snow had fallen during the overnight to freshly cover the corduroy underneath.

The start of the day was up the Family Quad then over to the Summit Quad. The Kamikaze looked like it had not been groomed, and was piled up with some nice powder moguls and some untouched powder along some edges. We didn't do the Kamikaze, and opted for Lilly's Leap instead. Lilly's had small piles of powder already as a crowd of skiers had gotten to it before we had. We then crossed over to the top of the Lake Quad, back over towards Lilly's, down the Pork Epic to the top of the Panorama Quad and down to the bottom of the lift. We went from top to bottom in with one run. 

Kamikaze: The Big Pitch & Up Top

 Lilly's Leap, Top of the Lake Quad & On To the Bottom of the Panorama Quad:

After a few rides up the Panorama Quad we headed to chalet for a break, and a drink. We headed back over to the Lakeside via the snowpark on the Panorama Trail and another ride up the Panorama Quad. The old Panorama double chair that was along this trail had been removed a few seasons ago. This double had actually served as the main summit lift where the Summit Quad is now. The double had been relocated here to serve some of the condos and chalets back in the day. We spent the rest of the morning on the Lake & Panorama Quad practicing our skills in the tracked out powder as we hadn't skied like this in quite some time. Lukas hadn't  skied any powder at all, and only had previously skied on groomers. 

The Panorama Trail Down to the Quad:

The Lake Quad:

After a few more runs we went to the chalet for a quick bite and refreshment. We decided that we had had enough for the day and changed out of our ski boots to head to the cafeteria. We got our bites and went to look for a place to sit outside, but there wasn't any place to sit as everyone had the same idea as us. There was a snow bank up against the wall of the chalet so I sat there watching all the activity in the sunshine having an adult beverage!

We finished our eats & drinks, put our tray away and by that time it was 1:00pm. We couldn't have asked for a better day today. Lift lines were maybe a 5 minute, wait if that, at the Summit Quad, and a 2 minute wait at the Lake & Panorama Quad. The conditions were fantastic all around. We packed up the car to head home to see the parking lots filled, and there were cars parked along the road leading into the parking lot for a short distance. Something I hadn't seen in quite awhile. This was a quite the day and we will be back to OH next season for sure.

Other Scenes From the Day:

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