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Mont Tremblant - January 24, 2024 (Snapshot)

This was only my second day up in Tremblant this year, as my ski season so far has been interrupted by travel.  Hopefully I will be able to keep going at a regular tempo now.   It does look like I missed quite a dump of snow the weekend before, as coverage was a lot better than my last day up here on January 8.  The base was fast and grooming was quite excellent.  Unfortunately, cloud blanketed the top half of the mountain and progressively got worse as the day wore on; by mid-morning, the condensation from the cloud would freeze on contact on the outside of the googles, which meant multiple stops to scrape the ice off the lens.

Still managed to get a decent number of runs in before calling it quits.  Great success!

The summit at 9:15am.

The view up the mountain from the North Side base.  For those who are not familiar with the resort, that's looking up Expo-Bas and Expo-Haut, and the top of Expo-Haut is halfway up to the summit.

Looking up towards the summit on the Lowell-Thomas chair.

Chili and chips for lunch! 馃槀

Looking down on Place-St-Bernard from the start of the St-Bernard run.  Pretty much the only fog-free photo I took apart from my lunch.

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The time to go to Tremblant is during the weekday, as evidenced by your pics. The lineups on the weekend are brutal, and at the cost you pay for the lift ticket, a bit of insanity.

Despite the cloudy / low visibility weather, looks like it was a great time on the slopes. I kind of like when the clouds are plenty and the summit is just above them, although that tends to be rare when I go.
Shane S茅guin
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Yeah definitely, weekdays are the way to go. Very fortunate that I have the flexibility to swap my work days around.
Jeremy Tan
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