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Black Mountain, NH - March 2, 2024

March Break is upon us again for the week of March 4th to 8th which would bring us on a road trip with the family once again. We rented a chalet in Intervale, NH with some friends for the weekend that have 2 kids the same age as Lukas. We were about 15 minutes from the mountain. We were the 4 of us skiing Saturday, and we decided on Black. The weather hadn't been great during the week before, and it showed. We didn't hit any snow on the ground until the Crawford Notch, and then it wasn't a whole lot. There was snow in the woods, and the edges of the road but not like usual. 

We arrived at Black at around 8:30am with the temperature at just around freezing with mainly cloudy skies with some sun trying to poke out. The East Bowl Triple Chair, Platter Pull, and Rope Tow were in operation. 30 or so trails were open for skiing. We were skiing on groomed granular to start the day. Not all trails were groomed however. The natural snow runs were running a bit thin, and not all were open. The trails that were on artificial snow were covered with a firm base, but showing signs of a few icy patches.

We started with the easier trails off to the right of the East Bowl Triple. The first runs were on the Spruce, Black Beauty, and Beauty Loop. then onto the Lower Black Beauty down to the Triple Chair. Conditions here were pretty decent. Just had to watch out for the odd spots of small icy patches, but had plenty of room to avoid those spots. 

After a few runs with the kids, I separated from them to check a few Intermediate trails before taking them down those for conditions. I skied the Valley View on to the Bob-O-Link. They were decently covered and quite skiable. Most of the trails here at Black are old school as in being narrow with some nice curves and fall lines. The way back to the Triple would be via the Quick Way, a link trail on to the Twilight and down. After meeting up with the kids, we did a few runs on this particular route. There was another route we had taken was by skipping to Quick Way and continuing on the Bob-O-Link to the Jubilee which runs under the Summit Double Chair, and back down to the Platter Pull lift. With a small walk up we got back to the Triple Chair.  

The Valley View Trail in Both Pics:

The Bottom of the Jubilee Trail: 

After a few more runs on the easier trails, we did one last run on the Valley View, Bob-O-Link, and Twilight combo and called it a day at noon. I had a great time on what was open, and the 3 kids also enjoyed themselves as well. I had skied here exactly 1 year ago to the day, and on that day there was six inches of snow that fell the night before. Today a year later they are begging for snow like most of us are. They aren't immune to the lack of snow like many other places in the Northeast are this season. It was great skiing on what was available however it was sad to see what wasn't. Props given to Black for making due for what they've been given! It is reminiscent of the 2015-16 season when the first time I skied Black. I've skied here three times now, and I am ready to come back next season. 

A Few More Scenes of the Day of What Was Open......................  

.................and What was Closed: 

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Hi Paul,
Nice review. I have gravitated towards the older, less “developed,” ski areas - where you don’t have to slog through a faux “you choose the country” village to get to the lifts.
I intend to make a tour of them. :)
Bob Soden
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Thank you Bob! I have also gone towards the older less developed areas as well. They seem to be more "up my alley". Sure I do like the Orfords and Owl's Heads mixed into the bunch. I've skied places as small as Lydonville Outing Club to Bretton Woods, and I have enjoyed them all even the ones in between. I have a few places in mind that I'd be interested in exploring at least once. Might not be this season, but hopefully the next one.
Paul Giddings
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