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Camp Fortune - November 30, 2023

Opening day at Camp Fortune marked an exciting beginning for the winter season. With both Pineault and Allen's Alley trails available right from the start, the day saw a strong debut, a refreshing change from past instances when only Pineault was accessible. The snow coverage was exceptional, and the trails were open at their full width, impeccably groomed with a firm base and a layer of soft snow on top.

Arriving just after noon proved advantageous, given that the mountain had opened at noon on this special day. Despite a decent turnout, facilitated by a school strike and remote work, the chairlift lines were surprisingly minimal. The initially cloudy sky gave way to sunshine and blue skies around 2 pm, adding to the overall delight of the day.

Exploring the new phase of chalet expansion and renovations revealed exciting changes. Customer service, once situated between the main sections of the chalet, now occupies a dedicated area one level down, offering a more streamlined experience. Adjacent to this, a new digital keyless locker area enhances convenience for storing gear or valuables. While there is still work to be done on the chalet, the team at Camp Fortune envisions relocating the bar/restaurant to the second floor of the new extension, promising a more private and intimate atmosphere with stunning slope views upon completion. The first floor still houses rentals, a boutique, and repair centers, now accessible from within the chalet, eliminating the need to exit and re-enter. New entrances from the lower parking to the basement and an automated sliding door on the first floor provide additional access points. All levels are connected by stairs and an elevator. This year, the chalet's expanded offerings are more evident, positively impacting the overall experience, offerings, and flow.

Snowmaking efforts are ongoing, with Marshall set to open in the near future.

Overall, the first day back on the slopes at Camp Fortune was fantastic, thanks to the commendable efforts of the entire team. If this day is indicative of the season ahead, winter enthusiasts are in for a treat!

Wishing you great skiing, and I look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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