Hiking - Beaver Trail in the Ottawa Greenbelt

Having visited this trail network in the late winter to snowshoe, we were curious to experience it in the summer without snow. Located in the Stony Swamp area of the Ottawa Greenbelt, the Beaver trail goes into a swampy marsh area, with a short walkway built over top. I love trails with features like this:

This area is only a 15-minute drive from Bayshore Shopping Centre and is a relatively easy trail to discover, with nothing difficult or presenting much challenge to overcome. While it is not long, there are several ways to go, so you can make the trip longer if you zig and zag your way through the forest. There is a trail connection that according to the map appears to go quite far off into the distance, no doubt connecting to other trails and areas.

Overall, the Beaver trail is a nice place to visit if you don't want to go far or are in the mood for a shorter hike through nature.

Here are some more pictures from the visit.

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