The longest ski season is at Sommet Saint-Sauveur

Proudly continuing the tradition of having the longest ski season in Quebec, Sommet Saint-Sauveur was able to welcome true ski and snowboard enthusiasts until May 27th. While ski centres in other tourism regions have shut down a few weeks ago, the Laurentians "glacier" has given an extraordinary spring skiing experience and a really unique end of the season yesterday.

Boasting an excellent layer of snow and meticulous grooming by operations crews, the ski station rolled its chairlifts every weekend of May – to the great delight of its loyal skiers. And to celebrate the end of the season, Sommet Saint-Sauveur opened its "glacier" one last time on May 27th, before bidding farewell to the 2017-2018 after 180 days of operation. 

Clients, friends and employees reunited to celebrate the ending of ski season 2017-2018 on May 27th.

Moreover, this was a first for Sommet Saint-Sauveur, by ending its season on May 27th and being the very last ski resort opened in all Eastern North America. For its part, Killington Resort, in Vermont USA, was best second by closing on May 26th. Yet again, Sommet Saint-Sauveur demonstrates its status as a ski industry leader by delivering the longest ski season of all.

After opening last November 11, the Laurentian-region "glacier" will now give way to the warm-weather fun at Parc Aquatique du Sommet Saint-Sauveur, which greets its first visitors this coming June 9. Until then, everyone is welcome to enjoy the whirlwind of rides at Parc F.U.N. on weekends.

Source : Sommet Saint-Sauveur