Hiking - Waterfall Trail - Gatineau Park

The Waterfall trail is located along the Gatineau Parkway. While not the longest hike in Gatineau Park, it certainly has its own charm. Featuring the Bridal Veil falls (named by former Prime Minister Mackenzie King) which culminate this experience, it is another must-see destination in Gatineau Park.

The trail is about 1.5km in length (to the falls and returning), mainly flat, with only the approach and descent to the falls offering any additional challenge. The trail leaves the parking and passes under the Gatineau Parkway through a tunnel. From there, you pass through some wetlands and over a few wooden bridges.

I recommend you visit the falls either in the spring, as the snow is melting or after heavy rainfall, as the water flow will be much higher.

Once you have visited the falls, the nearby Lauriault trail offers a longer trip back to the parking and adds another 2.5km to your hike. This trail is in the form of a loop, taking you past Mulvihill lake, the perfect place for a picnic lunch close to the water.

Hiking - Lauriault Trail - Gatineau Park
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