Hiking - Lauriault Trail - Gatineau Park

Another day in Gatineau Park, another trail to discover. Today it was time to venture down the Lauriault Trail. This trail is accessed off of the Waterfall Trail, previously visited last week.

The Lauriault Trail is about 3.5km in length, over relatively intermediate terrain. Nothing overly steep, or challenging. Weaving through the trees, while crossing several water streams, the halfway point of the trail arrives at a lookout point, giving a grand view of the surrounding region from above.

Continuing on the trail, you come across the Mulvihill Lake, the perfect place for a picnic lunch or gazing into the water. This area is calm and peaceful, with a platform extending out over the water.

The return trip on the opposite side of the loop is just as eventful, with more sloping terrain and passages to cross. You also see the stream that feeds the waterfall, which surely must rage during the springtime with all the melting snow.

The entire adventure took about 1.5 hours to complete, and definitely furthers one's appreciation of Gatineau Park, and how fortunate we are to have such a national treasure close-by.

The Waterfall being part of the circuit, should also be visited when you get to that section. Don't forget to pack a lunch for when you stop by Mulvihill lake!

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Hiking - Waterfall Trail - Gatineau Park
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