Hiking - Sugarbush Trail - Gatineau Park

The Sugarbush Trail is the perfect trail for those looking for an easy hike through the forest. Absent are any steep hills or natural obstacles, just pure fresh air and nature at its best! This trail is located just next to the Gatineau Park Visitor's Centre in Chelsea.

The Sugarbush Trail starts with a short crossing over a river and brings you into a dense forest of tall slender trees. Under the tree canopy, the shade and pure air are very refreshing. As you continue along the path, the tree canopy occasionally gives way to more open areas.

I highly recommend the Sugarbush trail for those unsure of where to start their hiking in Gatineau Park. It is easy and can be enjoyed by people with reduced mobility as there are no steep hills or obstacles such as rocks or tree roots. The trail has a length of approximately 2km and can be done in about 35 minutes. It is very easy to find with ample parking available. Of course, with the Gatineau Park Visitor's Centre nearby, it's perfect to plan your next adventure in the park.

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