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Ski Tracks, one of the essential ski apps for your smartphone

Available for Apple iOS and Android, Ski Tracks is a great app to have, to get the lowdown on all the stats of your latest ski outing, or adventure.

Utilizing GPS tracking built in to your smart device, it will record your position, altitude, speed and much much more.

Using it is simple, after you install the app, just open it up, and click START. The app will then record your GPS information as you go through your ski day. In the end, you will have access to a multitude of stats, not limited to:

-How many runs you did.

-How many vertical metres or feet you descended as well as ascended.

-Your altitude, as well as maximum and minimum altitudes achieved.

-The total distance travelled.

-Maximum speed and average speed.

-Average angle of the trails you skied.

-Total time elapsed.

What really sets it apart is reviewing all this information afterwards. Using a satellite image map, the app projects your path down the mountain onto the map, visually showing you where you went, as well as your altitude and speeds. For those speed demons out there, this is the perfect way to review your top speeds, or have an idea of how fast you went on different runs and trails.

You can also review your altitude and speed on a line graph, showing the stat over time elapsed.

Another interesting use for this app… Ever been down a trail, but have difficulty placing it on the official trail map? Run the app, and let it record where you went. Afterwards, review the map it creates and compare it to the trail map to find your unknown trail. I can see this being a really interesting tool for those who go out of bounds into back country, or into the glades.

There are other similar apps available, some being free, but for the cost of a few dollars, this is undoubtedly the best, and most reliable.

Give it a try, there is a free (feature limited) version available.

If you enjoy it, upgrade to the full deal for just a few dollars.