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Mont Bellevue - February 2, 2022

It had been awhile since the last ski day so I booked a 2 hour block ticket for Mont Bellevue online late last night. I booked in for the 5pm to 7pm slot. It cost all of $12 being a resident of the city. I arrived at Bellevue just before 5 to boot up and get ready. It was a nice mild day today in Sherbrooke compared to the last few weeks of bitter cold, so I took advantage of the time. The temperature was +4 degrees. The Poma, Magic Carpet, and Quad chair were in operation. It had been awhile since I skied here last. The last time here was pre-pandemic times during the 2018-19 season. I missed out on the last couple of seasons. 

The conditions were really nice this evening, being groomed packed powder over a firm but forgiving base. No ice anywhere to be found. With the mild temperature today, I thought the snow would be a little springlike, but much to my surprise it wasn't. The mountain was fully open with all 10 trails, well groomed with the exception of one trail, the bottom section under the Quad chair. It was not groomed, however it was well covered with snow. No thin spots to look out for.  

The line up at the start of the evening was non-existent. Pretty much ski down, and ski onto the chair. I made a few laps on the Poma which runs a touch faster than the Quad. If you are into making a lot of runs, using the Poma will help quite a bit. There was no wait at the Poma either.  

By a little after 6 it started to get busy. There were quite a few teens, and families rolling in, and the wait time for the Quad was now up to 5 minutes. The line was moving well as the traffic was being efficiently directed by the line attendant. My time was done at 7, and the parking lot was pretty full upon leaving. I feel very fortunate to live 10 minutes away from Bellevue, and convenient to have close by for those days or evenings where you can go get some quick runs in after work. Again it was a great time! Bellevue may be a small hill in the heart of Sherbrooke, but there aren't many places you can say you've done 12 runs for $12 bucks. A Buck a run!

Here are some other scenes from the evening:

Mont Orford - February 16, 2022
Ski Vorlage - January 27, 2022

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Oh how I wish they would bring skiing back to Mount Royal Park as they have in Sherbrooke's central park!

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Fantastic report Paul. The mountain looks impeccable. I love how you are able to ride the T-Bar at night, very cool. And of course the cross all lit at night is really eye catching. I would assume a lot of the locals in the neighborhood surrounding the mountain visit frequently, definitely a nice mountain to live near, or in walkable distance, which I would think is fairly unique in Quebec.

Shane Séguin
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Thank you Shane. Being that Mont Bellevue is right in the heart of a residential area and easy to get to, it attracts a lot of young families and teens since it is a small hill, and there are plenty of easy trails to choose from. It is a great starter hill for beginners. The Poma runs between a couple of lit trails so there is plenty of light to see the up the lift line. The cross has been at the top of Bellevue since the 1950's I believe, and is definitely a noticeable landmark when it's lit up. It is certainly a budget friendly ski hill for families. You can't go wrong skiing here.

Paul Giddings
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