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Orbit Pole : The Must-Have Accessory for Action POV

A unique POV camera pole, that gives you total control of the camera angle, with the movement of your thumb, anywhere and anytime.

Watch this video interview with co-founder Tim Jodoin and discover the next must have accessory for POV film makers and GoPro enthusiasts everywhere.

Most action camera POV videos have only one angle, either from the helmet or on a pole. The angle and shot is set before the action starts and stays that way until it ends. With the Orbit Pole, a simple move of the thumb enables you to rotate the camera, allowing for a new angle and shot at any time, without having to stop and reset the camera. With the Orbit Pole, you have total control, anywhere and anytime. It is poised to become the next must-have accessory for GoPro and Action Camera enthusiasts everywhere!