Kayaking - Meech Lake

With the surprise arrival of warm summer-like weather (finally...), the choice was simple, it was a perfect day to break out the kayaks.

Living only minutes from Gatineau Park, after a quick loading of the car, we were off to Meech Lake. Last year we parked at the P11 - O'Brien Beach lot. While it may be good for swimming, it was not the most ideal location to launch kayaks from as the beach is a bit small, and the fairly lengthy, narrow and hilly path to get from the parking to the water made transporting the kayaks very difficult, even with wheels underneath.

This time, we made the decision to park at the P12 lot, located approximately in the middle of the lake, and between both beaches. This lot has a small launch point, with parking directly across from it. No hassle or pain this time thankfully.

Pushing off, we aimed our paddles for the far end of the lake. Passing plenty of spectacular scenery and picturesque vistas, we arrived near a marsh area where we found an artificial construction by the local beaver population.

Just an absolutely stunning place to kayak and enjoy nature. You can't help but fall in love with Gatineau Park.

Perfect day, perfect weather, and perfect bluebird skies. Couldn't ask for more. As before, I highly recommend Meech Lake for a kayaking or canoeing location, and for an easier time, definitely park at the P12 lot, it will make the experience much smoother to get your boat to the water.


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