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Hiking - Wakefield Fairbairn House Trail - September 11, 2021

A beautiful late summer day, it was time to get out and do some exploring and hiking in nature.

The valley of Wakefield is actually home to some rather fun and enjoyable hiking trails, mapped out by Wakefield Trails. For this outing, we explored the Blue and Red trails, located adjacent to the Fairbairn House, on the opposite side of the river via the famous Red Covered Bridge.

Before hitting the trails, we took the time to cross the bridge and took the stairs to reach the river and rocky shorelines.

Shortly after, we continued on and passed the Fairbairn House, just across the street and to the left after crossing the bridge. Following the path into the mountain, we arrived at the trailhead. A Story Walk was set up on these trails, with a short novel perfect for kids to enjoy and read as they complete the trail.

Heading up, up, up into the mountain, the forest really takes hold and surrounds you. As the trail weaves its way in and out of the tree canopy, the story continues with a new page approximately every 150m.

The second half of the trail is mostly a gentle slope downhill, eventually returning you to just above the trail starting point.

Overall, a very picturesque location and trail, with a surprising vertical climb to it, concealed by the trees of the mountain.

Unfortunately, I didn't snap many pictures, but here are some to see the trail and experience.

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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