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Versant Avila - AKAMP Day 2 - June 29, 2019

After a late-night Friday, we took it easy Saturday morning and I didn't get to the Nikita Girls Who Ride jam, which was from 1-5pm, a shift from last year's evening session, one that offered perfect daytime conditions. We got to Saint-Sauveur around 3:30, just in time for the deluge of rain falling from the sky. Due to the severity of the weather, they stopped the lift for a brief time until the risk of lightning and wind had passed. We hung out in the car during the rain and got ready to ride!

After checking in, I headed to the lift, people were trickling back in after the rain, and soon every chair on the lift was filled with a steady stream of skiers and riders. People would cluster at the top and drop into the park, with the first feature being a large tube to ride over, followed by a pipe. Then, the main section of the park had twelve or more features with several possible lines.

I skied through a number of runs and then paused for a quick break, right next to the skate ramp; which was also in full use. Then I headed back for the next round of loops. The lift was still full and stayed that way most of the night. At some point during my next break, it started raining again but this time the thunder and lightning stayed at bay and the lift continued running. Only towards the last hour of the night, the flow of people tapered off a little bit. This made it much easier to do faster loops through the park with fewer skiers and riders to be mindful of.

After the lifts closed, we headed over to the AKAMP party at the water park, unfortunately, we missed the cutoff time to access the free surfing lessons and waterslide, but it was great to hang out at the T-Bar and sip on pina coladas. At the end of the evening, we headed home to après ski: grilled cheese with aged cheddar on apple bread to wind down the night and relax before day 3 tomorrow!

The first feature, with a pipe immediately following.

The view from the chair!

The park viewed from the lodge, with the sk8 park under the white shade structure.

There were always at least twenty people or more in the park with the chairlift being full of skiers and riders!

After the rain, the sun came out!

The AKAMP rainbow!

Ilana shredding through the park.

Last run of the day pano!

The mist floats over the mountains in the distance.

Girls who ride: late-night edition.

Ilana and the sunset.

AKAMP after party with a free surfing session for AKAMP participants!

The T-bar serving up delicious drinks.

Pano of the T-bar, wave pool and lighting.

I captured some video of the stream of people hitting the top of park features:

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