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Mont Tremblant - April 21, 2018

Not being an early bird type, I made it up to the hill just before 2. It turns out that at Tremblant there is a full day rate, a half day rate, and a why are you so late getting here rate of $27 that starts at 2pm. I got my warm up in by walking uphill to the Flying Mile lift as both the Cabriolet and main gondola were closed for the season. It's ok though, I really need to improve my cardio for all the spring hiking I plan to be doing!IMG_2779.thumb.JPG.a3c35b5f5ec433c130cb36092db42236.JPG

I headed immediately for the north side, and was not disappointed. I started out easy on Beauchemin and then switched over to Lowell Thomas and Duncan. I got a lot of great runs in on Saute Mouton, Jasey-Jay Anderson, Superior and Devil's River. Saute Mouton and Duncan lower section were more like slick groomers with few bumps, while the others were delightful soft bumps that my quads were not totally ready for. Pressing on, I made the last chair (so they said) up to the peak and headed over to the north side on Eric Guay, which was also full of bumps. I took my time getting to the TVG chair, thinking this would be my last run. I decided to hit the minivan sized bumps on "17" as the shortcut to McCulloch, and to my delight made it back down for last chair part III. They even let me on after the ski patrol, and were still loading people on til at least 15-20 mins past closing time of 5pm! (thanks guys!). For my last run I took Eric Guay again, and enjoyed it in total solitude. I met a ton of happy skiers/riders on the chair and had a fantastic time before heading home to home made burgers and chips. I'm already packed and ready to head back up tomorrow - I'd been considering going to Jay Peak but Tremblant is so perfect right now, Jay can wait another week!


Final shot of the day at the bottom: bumps!!


Bumps under Duncan. 


Glorious bumps!




That run that is off to the right of the Duncan chair, whatever it is. Yeah there were a lot of bumps, but a lot of fast groomers too!


Zigzag pano. Yeah there were bumps the size of cars. No I didn't do them. 


Last run up TGV chair!


My shadow!


Requisite view down Eric Guay! (yeah more bumps!)

In summary: I can't believe they aren't gonna be open next weekend with all this great coverage!

Massif du Sud - April 22, 2018
Camp Fortune - April 21, 2018

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