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Camp Fortune - January 26, 2023


Last Thursday, last minute family plans were made for a quick afternoon/evening ski at Camp Fortune. A storm had passed over the region the night before, dumping 25cm of fresh powder, and the hill had announced that the Meech glades (La Cache) would be open for their first day of the 2023 season! The meech glades are my favourite run at fortune, and despite the fact that they close at 4pm, and my night pass starts at 3pm, my sister and I were still able to make two leg-burning runs! The untouched snow was over three feet deep in some places, and each run through the glades took us a minimum of 8 minutes! It was similar to our last time skiing the Meech glades in powder conditions, from March 2022! AF0160A0-EB2F-462F-A1A5-04C66DD0B2F7.thumb.jpeg.105acb91e00331f840b3c79bda0a4de0.jpeg76BE3B4B-5ED6-4F2F-A09F-C31293E395FF.thumb.jpeg.65e6dc67be90a452f827d6a332e83ccf.jpeg790BB167-26E0-49EA-A450-FA49BF195510.thumb.jpeg.f94410f478022f5ead2eb66170553546.jpeg6600D760-2538-4C51-A78F-FF29F325958A.thumb.jpeg.bfc26d492b2e8d731bce06d89262979b.jpeg06C064F3-3E3F-47DD-ABE4-130241E6F5AC.thumb.jpeg.10049b54a7afc2eb644a41c544e1fbe6.jpegAfter making the last runs from 3:30-4, we headed to the skyline side to enjoy the choppy powder conditions on every run. 040AABE7-2419-4148-9059-A4D0C9FB0BCF.thumb.jpeg.16e3f8a11a0ad6724145f7867e3033e0.jpeg35F8A22C-DC3D-4B0C-BE8B-298DAB203969.thumb.jpeg.9b00d1992aa0aaff32660fc6b990be91.jpegBA047024-69EF-4C85-921E-D2A3823B38DD.thumb.jpeg.2b4413c62a1474f2c170e90ebb1c5c08.jpegE1C2E831-DF7C-49A2-A855-DE3A5B6E1DBD.thumb.jpeg.8fbdeb56d79de7910f614d4c8101e6b7.jpegBy 6pm, we headed back to the Valley side to ski our last few runs, where we wound plenty of powder pockets on the sides of the trails!9CFC0955-B04B-4E62-A92A-9EFBC8F8F241.thumb.jpeg.6c7954f9fc25ff9b837ebce09591691f.jpeg8C0051C9-4C88-4617-82DF-47D1E25BC4A6.thumb.jpeg.0eb440e33f3010f0ef40f261043ce38c.jpegWe headed home at 7pm, and for only 4 hours of skiing, our legs were exhausted from the fresh powder conditions! The timing for the Meech glades was perfect, as they were closed due to a power outage last Saturday, and are in-general only open from Wednesday-Sunday, so I might not be able to ski them in such perfect conditions again for at least the next few weeks! 

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