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Stoneham Mountain Resort

Stoneham Mountain Resort is located 25 minutes North of Quebec City just off Autoroute 73 before you enter Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier heading towards the Saguenay. There are 42 trails and glades. 19 trails are available for night skiing. The division of difficulty is 19% Easy, 26% Intermediate, 38% Single Black Diamond, and 17% Double Black Diamond. At Stoneham, there are 3 fixed-grip quad chairs, and 1 detachable quad lift with bubbles for those cold windy days. 2 Magic Carpets serve the beginner's area. There are 3 snowparks with a variety of modules and bumps for those into stunts and jumps. The snowparks are different in their own way by the level of experience, one Easy for beginners with beginner jumps and modules. The second is an Intermediate park, and an expert park for the most experienced, all located in different areas on the mountain. There is also an Olympic style half pipe, the only one in the Province of Quebec. In the chalet, you will find the cafeteria with ample seating to take a break or to have a bite to eat. There is a full boutique with rentals, daycare services, and ski school at Stoneham. Other activities include skating right at the base of the mountain, and snowmobiling nearby on various trails. Located at the base of the mountain is the Condo & Hotel Stoneham for lodging. There is a selection of other lodging options in the area for overnight and weekend stays.

The Mountain and the Ski Trails

The vertical at Stoneham is 1132 feet. There are 3 sectors that make up the mountain, the first served by the Eclipse Quad, and the L'Alize Quad. In this sector is the learning area with 2 Magic Carpets. There is a nice easy cruiser trail, the Pionniers that is located on the left of the L'Alize Quad. To the right, La Chouette is the other easy trail. This where you will find the Expert Parc XL Snowpark along with the half-pipe. This makes up the lower part of this sector. Further up this sector served by the Eclipse Quad is where you will find the more difficult terrain. The Blondeau, and the Rock & Roll are 2 of the Single Black Diamond runs that test your skills along with La Bossue a moguls trail. The Double Black Diamond l'Urubu glade is accessible from the Blondeau. For those looking for an easy way down, the Randonnee is a nice easy cruise that crosses over to the middle sector, and then the rest of the way back down is by the Laurentienne trail.

The Tempete Express is a detachable quad with bubble covers that serves the middle sector where you will find a nice Intermediate cruiser, the Cantons, and the easy Laurentienne trails. The Caribou, Wapiti glades are accessible from the Petit Champlain. Other Intermediate glades, the Orignal and l'Abiche are accessible from the Randonnee trail. If you are looking for something more challenging, the Jacques-Cartier, the Stoneham, and the St-Adolphe are the single black diamond trails, and there are glades, the Sapiniere, and the Boreale to work the legs.

The Aurore Boreal quad serves the third area which is considered the expert only area, with Double Black trails like the Monstre, the Bomba, Dube, and the Zipper. The easiest way down from the top would be with the Intermediate trail, La Grande Viree. The two glades in this sector are the Chute and the JP Auclair. To access this area from the middle sector is by the Laurentienne over to the bottom section of the Grande Viree. To head back to the chalet from here the Grande Viree to the bottom of the Laurentienne would be the route.

Unique Features

A unique feature at Stoneham is the detachable quad lift, the Tempete Express which features bubble covers for those cold and windy days. The mountain also is home to Quebec's only Olympic-style half-pipe. If you have an eagle eye, from the Rock & Roll trail, one can make out the trails of the defunct Mont Hibou Ski Area that are slowly disappearing. 5 minutes away in the nearby village of Stoneham there is a specialty bakery and a micro brasserie where you can buy different styles of beer. There is a major grocery store for supplies should you need anything during your stay. You are just a short drive away from the city where there are a lot of other attractions, restaurants, and a host of other activities to keep yourself and the family occupied.  

Why visit Stoneham?

If you should happen to be visiting Quebec City, and looking to get away for a ski day, Stoneham is just a short drive North of the city. Lovely scenery can be seen from the summit of each sector. The mountain has everything that you are looking for. Easy cruisers right up to the most challenging expert glades and trails.  

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