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Sommet Edelweiss

Sommet Edelweiss is located in beautiful Wakefield, Quebec, and is a 30 minute drive from Ottawa, once you have crossed the bridge into Quebec. Edelweiss presents the second highest vertical drop in the Gatineau region. The mountain features 20 trails, served by 3 quad chairlifts, one of which, the Edelbahn Express is a high speed detachable. A magic carpet is set up in the beginner area.

The Mountain and the Ski Trails

The mountain has a unique form to it, shaped like an amphitheater, with all the trails ending in front of the main chalet. This is perfect for families, as you can always count on everyone ending up in the same general area after each run. Easy beginner trails are found to the left and become intermediate and expert trails as you move further to the right of the mountain, making it easy to know where you should and shouldn't be based on your skill level.

For beginners just starting, there is a separate area at the base of the mountain, served by a magic carpet lift, allowing you to learn the basics without fear of faster skiers crossing your path. The main beginner slopes, Easy Street and Chemin des Bois are among the longest at Edelweiss. They offer very interesting descents right from the summit and are complete with plenty of turns and twists and intersections between one another. Next to the beginner trails is Yodeler, which features the mountain's snowpark. The snowpark is a top to bottom trail filled with a variety of rails, boxes, and modules, as well as jumps of different sizes and profiles. Next is the intermediate trail Zoomer, located underneath the main detachable quad chairlift. This trail promises plenty of speed, along with a stepping profile. Continuing farther, is Strief and Olympic, among the steepest trails at Edelweiss. Their difficulty on the second half varies depending on whether you descend on the left or right-hand sides. Finally at the far right is Shotgun, a classic trail that zig-zags its way down, culminating with a rather surprising drop at its end. 

Unofficially, there are a few small glades to discover, located on the left side of Chemin des Bois.

Unique Features

Sommet Edelweiss has several unique features. The first is the amphitheater shape, where all trails end by the main chalet. With the exception of the Meister 4000 chairlift which only serves the beginner trails, all the lifts give access to the entire skiable domain, giving you options to avoid crowds if one lift is busy. The profile of the ski trails ranging from beginner on the far left and working up to expert as you move across to the right. Edelweiss also contains a snow tubing park, served by a magic carpet lift. The trails are long and several are quite steep, providing another way to enjoy your day on the slopes, even with those who don't ski or snowboard.

Why visit Sommet Edelweiss?

Sommet Edelweiss offers several features that allow it to differentiate itself from the other ski areas in the region. The trail network is easy to navigate due to the shape and profile of the mountain which gives access to almost the entire mountain from any lift and allowing each trail to end in the main base area. The trails are all among the longest and the mountain offers the 2nd highest vertical drop in the Gatineau region. The two beginner trails, Easy Street and Chemin des Bois offer plenty of intersection between each other, allowing you to carve out several unique variations during your descent. With night skiing across all but one trail and staying open on Sunday nights, Sommet Edelweiss has what it takes to make your time on the slopes memorable and exciting.  

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