Ski Mountains

Mount Pakenham

This family-friendly mountain is widely known as one of the premier institutions of learning how to ski and snowboard in the province of Ontario. "It All Starts Here" is Mount Pakenham's motto, and it quickly becomes clear why. Thanks to many lifts and trail choices, as well as a fantastic ski school, all ideally suited for beginners, Mount Pakenham has everything to ensure a beginner's experience on snow is the first of many to come.

The Mountain and the Ski Trails

The mountain has 10 trails (9 marked glades), for all skill levels, and a terrain park. The mountain is laid out in such a way as to ensure everything is available to have a proper progression while you learn, from a first-time beginner to an advanced skier. From magic carpets and a rope tow at the base of the mountain to the summit chairlifts, everything is made simple, accessible and comfortable.

The main trails have plenty of smaller trails crisscrossing throughout, in other words, each trail has different paths you can take. Even the more challenging trails have ways to descend that allow you to avoid several of the steeper sections. Beginners and novice skiers will certainly feel a sense of accomplishment here, as they will not be overly limited by where they can go. Instead, they will find themselves exploring the mountain without exiting their comfort zone.

Unique Features

The chalet recently renovated and expanded, has a warm mountain lodge feel to it that you will find very welcoming. From here you can see most of the main trails as they all lead back to this area. This creates a sense of security for parents warming up inside, allowing them to keep an eye on their loved ones while they continue to ski or participate in lessons.

Once the ski boots come off, more fun awaits on the snowshoe trails, also available on the mountain. A great feature for the entire family to visit Pakenham if only some ski and others prefer to snowshoe, there is something for everyone.

Why visit Mount Pakenham?

From great programs at the snow school to a happy dancing mascot who loves giving kids high-fives, Mount Pakenham is without a doubt the perfect place for any family to come together and enjoy the snow, as well as a highly recommended option for those being introduced to the world of skiing and snowboarding, thanks to its many ski school programs and terrain ideally suited to learn and progress.

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