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Mont Sutton

Mont Sutton is located about 115 kilometres east of Montréal, a drive of about an hour and a half along the Eastern Townships Autoroute and Route 139 that leads right into the heart of the town of Sutton. A turn onto Maple Street and follow your way up to the end. They offer a great variety of trails and glades to choose from for the beginner right up to the extreme expert skier. At Sutton, there are 60 trails, of which 29 of them are glades, serviced by 10 lifts, 3 quadruple chairlifts, 6 double chairs, and a Magic Carpet lift. Snowmaking covers 60% of the skiable terrain. Services at the mountain include bar, full cafeteria, locker area, daycare, rental and repair shop, and Boutique all located at the base of the mountain. There are 4 chalets on the hill to take a break, warm-up, or grab a quick bite to eat. Summer activities at Sutton include hiking and a bike park right out front of the Boutique. They offer rentals of an assortment of mountain bikes. In town, there are a variety of restaurants and boutiques to visit. There is something for everyone here.

The Mountain and the Ski Trails

Sutton is well known for truly some of the best glade skiing around. There are glades for the beginner where the trees are well spaced for them to experience this style of skiing for the first time right up to the expert glade skier. There are 3 glades off the backside of the mountain near the summit that eventually leads back to the western side of the mountain near Chair 1 West. These glades are double black diamond experts only and there are signs at the entrances of these glades advising of their degree of difficulty and what to expect when skiing them. There are actually 3 glades that are rated at triple black diamond extreme; the Crocodile, Etonnoir, and the Bou-Bou. The Alleghany trail is a very popular Intermediate cruiser that begins from atop of Chair 7 and runs across the top of the mountain and then heads down to Chair 2. It continues on past this point as a green beginner trail to access Chairs 1 and 1 West. You will notice on their trail map that the beginner and majority of the Intermediate trails and glades are located in the areas of Chairs 1 West to Chair 3. The more difficult trails and glades are located in the areas of Chairs 4 to 7. You will find their snowpark located on the Mohawk trail with different types of modules and bumps. There are 4 chalets located in different areas on the mountain. The base chalet is referred to as the Altitude 400. There is another at the top of Chair 2, Altitude 640. Chalet Altitude 520 is located at the base of Chair 5 where there is additional parking available on busy weekends, and at the summit, Chalet Altitude 840 situated at the top of both Chairs 4 & 5. The Family Zone is located by the Main Chalet, serviced by a double chair and Magic Carpet. The Boutique is located literally steps away from the bottom of Chair 2, in its own building beside the Main Chalet. They stock a wide variety of popular brands of ski equipment and accessories to choose from with a very knowledgeable staff to assist you. The rental and repair shop is located downstairs from the Boutique. After a day of skiing, the bar is located not far away in the upper level of the base Chalet, and lodging is just moments down the road with a variety of restaurants to have something to eat.  

Unique Features

There are few features at Sutton that are very unique which gives the mountain an atmosphere that you don't always find in other areas. One of them is the Archway over the entrance to the bar's terrace. The bar is known as the Tucker Bar, as in the Tucker Sno-Cat. The archway at the top of the stairs is made from the old steel lags that have seen the end of their usefulness on the machines, only to find a second life by greeting you at the entrance. Sutton has a large fleet of older Tucker Sno-Cats that are still in use along with a fairly new Prinoth Bison and an older Bombardier BR-400 for maintaining the main trails. The lift infrastructure at Sutton is unique in the way that all of the double chairs in service are the older lattice style tower Mueller chairlifts. This gives you a feeling of going back in time to the early days of Mont Sutton. Most of these double chairs have been around since the beginning, with some being transferred over from nearby defunct Mont Echo by helicopter. An example of this would be Chair 5 which was the former main lift at Echo. All of these lifts are carefully maintained to make sure they are in optimum operational condition.  

Why visit Mont Sutton?

At Mont Sutton, the glades are where it's at. They offer some of the best glade skiing around and are well known for it. The glade trails at Sutton represent almost 50% of their trail count. There are long and short cruiser trails, some nice and easy runs, and a wide variety of steeps to enjoy. Sutton has an excellent variety for everyone to enjoy, and very easy to get to.  

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