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Mont Cascades

Mont Cascades is located in the Gatineau mountains, about 25 minutes from downtown Ottawa. While its main vocation is a ski resort in the winter, in the summer the mountain transforms into the region's Mountain Waterpark, featuring some of the exciting lineup of Ottawa based Proslide. The mountain offers trails and terrain ranging from beginner slopes in a dedicated ski area with it's own lifts, to advanced and race level slopes.

The Mountain and the Ski Trails

Mont Cascades is made up of 2 mountain faces, each having a different orientation to the sun. The beginner trails and intermediates are found on the main side, served by 4 lifts (Quad, 2 doubles and a magic carpet). The more expert terrain is on the other side of the mountain, served by a triple chair. All the trails have a constant slope to them, meaning you won't find yourself on a trail that has a flat section. Several of the intermediate trails, most notably Promenade and Facade have rolls and knolls in the slope, making it quite enjoyable to descend and carve. Alouette (located near the double chairlift), is a fun intermediate, with many rolls and turns, in a quieter part of the mountain.

Views from the mountain are spectacular. From the summit of the main quad chairlift, you can catch glimpses of nearby mountains, and the Gatineau River, as well as downtown Ottawa and Gatineau off in the distance.

There are two lodges, located at the two different bases of the mountain. The main lodge is a brown and redwood building, which is fairly spacious and cozy while remaining rustic. It offers a perfect view of the mountain, and you are able to see people descend the entire length of several of the trails, located in front. The World Cup lodge, on the other face of the mountain, operates mostly on weekends and holidays. Hosting its own parking, this lodge allows you quick access to favorite trails.

Unique Features

Mont Cascades is a nice ski resort, that has trails to suit all skill levels. Of particular mention is the beginner's area, served by a small double chairlift and magic carpet. It is separate from the main mountain, so beginners will feel more secure. It offers a good progression from a small slope and magic carpet to a slightly longer and more inclined trail, reached by a slow double chairlift. In our opinion, we believe it to be very well designed and see it as a very ideal environment to first experience the world of skiing.

For those seeking thrills and tricks, Mont Cascades features an impressive progressive snowpark, occupying one and a half trails of the mountain. The park is huge, filled with features, modules and rails that are designed to take advantage of the contours and unique aspects of the slopes.

In collaboration with Hot 89.9FM, Mont Cascades features skiing till midnight on select days of the season, with an après-ski that is not to be missed in the main lodge, with DJ, party and fun.

Mont Cascades also features many options for lift tickets, ranging from 2, 3 or 4 hour passes as well as full-day or night. Several factors combine to make Mont Cascades a perfect choice for your ski outing and adventures.

Why visit Mont Cascades?

Mont Cascades offers great trails for all skill levels, on two mountainsides. From your regular cruiser trails such as Promenade to the more exciting and twisting slopes like Hogan, you are sure to find your fill. Between the large snowpark, to the two chalets, to the Friday midnight skiing and the many lift ticket price points, Mont Cascades is ready for you to visit and discover.

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