Ski Mountains

Tenney Mountain Resort

Tenney Mountain Resort is a two and half hour drive from Sherbrooke, three and a half hours from Montreal, and two hours from Boston. Conveniently located 15 minutes from Interstate 93 near the town of Plymouth, New Hampshire it makes the mountain is very easy to get to. There are 45 trails served by 3 lifts, a double, and triple chair, with a platter lift for the beginner's and tubing area. The vertical at Tenney is 1400' with 110 acres of skiable terrain. Snowmaking covers 85% of the mountain. The chalet houses a large seating area with fireplace, and plenty of places to sit. You can even relax on two corner sofas by the fireplace during your break. There is the Backcountry Bar and Grill located in the chalet for food, drink, and live entertainment. There is no ski shop or rentals at the mountain, however in town you can get rentals from Plymouth Ski and Sports at a reasonable rate, and there is no ski school for lessons just yet. Tenney Mountain just recently re-opened after an 8-year closure. There is tubing available served by a platter lift for those looking for something to do other than skiing. Lodging is available in Plymouth, and nearby towns for those on overnight and weekend ventures.

The Mountain and the Ski Trails

The trails here at Tenney are not what you would normally find in most ski areas. There are no super-highways, yet the main trails are still large enough to make wide turns. The mountain is more catered to the Intermediate and Expert skier, as the majority of the runs are rated at these skill levels. Trails like the Morning Glory, Shooting Star, Edelweiss, Dandelion, and Venus Fly Trap just to name a few, are the Intermediate cruisers, while the Hornet, Sweet William, and the Sunflower are the major single Black Diamond trails. There are narrow winding trails that criss-cross the mountain that make the variety of trails to ski quite interesting. Tote Road, Half Moon, Roller Coaster, and Tiger Lily are nice Intermediate trails while a narrow Expert trail, The Scamper has a challenging pitch near the exit of the trail as you enter on to Hall's Meadow. Tenney features some interesting fall lines, and soft rolls, and knolls on most trails. There is a beginner's area with a platter lift located on the lower sector of the mountain with two trails, This Way and That Way.

Unique Features

What is unique about Tenney Mountain Resort are the trails themselves. They are laid out in such a way that they are fun to ski in any direction you go, and you have a beautiful view to go along with it. There is a large brook that flows down the mountain that a few of the narrower winding trails have bridges to cross. You wouldn't normally find that style of trail at many other ski areas. One unique feature here is that Tenney Mountain was once a lost ski area. The mountain had been closed for several years, and the trails had started to get overgrown. With the grace of current ownership, the trails have been cleaned up, smoothed out, and the growth has been cut back. The mountain has come alive again.

Why visit Tenney Mountain Resort?

If you are looking to turn back the clock a few years and would like to experience some old school New England skiing with no frills, a wide variety of interesting terrain, and no huge line ups, then Tenney Mountain Resort is the place to be.