Louis Dufour, co-founder of Les Sommets, has passed away

Les Sommets management regrets to announce the death of Louis Dufour, Chairman of the Board of the company, leaving his family and thousands of employees and friends in mourning.

A former member of Canada's National Ski Team, recipient of numerous awards, including the Canadian Skiers of Distinction, awarded by SKI CANADA, the Réal Boulanger Award and Personality of the Year in 2003 awarded by the Quebec Ski Areas Association, this ski pioneer was inducted into the Laurentian Ski Hall of Fame in 1994 in recognition of not only his involvement but also his passion for the sport.

Known for his avant-garde nature, Louis Dufour was constantly on the lookout for innovations that would give him an edge. He implemented unique and different products and activities that interested all age groups. He brought magic to everything he touched. He was undoubtedly a pillar of the Canadian ski industry.

A man of action, enthusiastic, determined and constantly listening to the clientele, all visitors could cross paths with the Chairman of the Board of Directors on a daily basis on the slopes of the ski areas, in the cafeteria or in the water features of the Water Park to ensure that everything was acceptable to the clientele. Happy to make people move in a healthy environment, Louis Dufour has been present at every moment, always looking to the future and leaving an undeniable mark in the ski world.

Les Sommets was fortunate to have had 50 years of passion and love for skiing in Louis Dufour. Deeply saddened, the management and employees accompany the family of Mr. Dufour in this difficult ordeal. They can be assured of the support of all of us in the continuation of his work.

Louis leaves us today with the most beautiful gift from the clouds; a magnificent snowstorm with more than 30 cm falling from the sky. Thank you Louis.

For the love of skiing. ❤️

Source : Les Sommets