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Where are you skiing next

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Conditions were great on the weekend. Still going strong and not letting up. 

I was reading elsewhere that the situation in the Eastern Townships was a little harder, some saying the roads towards Orford along the highway showed a serious lack of snow. But once at the mountain luckily the snow was there. Amazing. To me the Ottawa-Gatineau region used to get less snow than the Townships unless I'm remembering incorrectly.

Eager to hit the slopes next Sunday. Perhaps a visit out to the Montreal region for skiing is in order.

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Its been a week without Skiing! what a crazy melt down Ottawa went from almost 80cm of snow pack to 15cm.  Anyway winter is kinda back and I'm going up to Mont Ste-Marie Friday and Calabogie Sunday. Will report... thinking conditions will be dust on crust but will see.



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Totally insane. In my neighbourhood we went from 3 feet of snow and huge snow banks everywhere, to maybe 10 cm with areas of bare grass. This almost reminds me of the week 4-5 years ago in March when it was +20 every day.

I'll be at Mont Blanc tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I'm not worried about coverage because there was TONS of snow there before, but I'm expecting very firm snow and lots of ice as the day progresses. It will be cold as well which doesn't help things, but at least it will be sunny. 

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