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Mont Chilly 2018


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Hey Ocean, it is quite the nice mountain, very retro and authentic. We often say that Sutton has kept the old style of skiing alive, but Chilly definitely takes the cake. No snow making, minimal grooming, one diesel powered t-bar and a small chalet that serves burgers and hotdogs. Can't go wrong. Just have to time it right to be able to go on one of the very very few days they are open.

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hah sounds cool. I actually have yet to go to Sutton as well. Chilly, if I'm in the area, is easy enough for me to stay at my cousin's in Norway Bay en route there and make a weekend of it. t-bar geez... 

remember pomalifts? Does anyone still have one of those? I haven't seen one in years...

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There are still a few of them around. Mont Bellevue still has one. They actually had 2 up to when they installed the Quad chair a couple of seasons ago. A few places in the Gaspé have some too. Can’t remember exactly which hills but they are still around. The Poma at Bellevue is actually a touch faster that riding the fixed grip Quad there. If you want to max out your laps, ride the Poma!


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Mont Chilly will be open March 24th/25th, it may be the last this season.

From their Facebook site:

"Hey bump riders and powder hounds Chilly will be open this weekend March 24th/25th 2018. The weather is looking great maybe some epic spring skiing. A little bit of heat will soften number 4 for some solid bumps. All I ask is don't poach my lines. Don't miss out because the following week isn't lookin the best for the natural hills . Cheers"


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