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Mont Bellevue - December 26, 2017


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A visit to our community ski area, Mont Bellevue, was in order this evening for a few runs. I got to the hill just after 6 pm to a fairly small crowd and a temperature of -15 degrees and a small breeze blowing which made it feel colder than that. There were 4 of 10 trails, the Quad Chair, and the Magic Carpet on the menu for the evening. The conditions were as always excellent, with a great coverage of man made snow, and the snow received from the previous dump of a couple of weeks ago and the small amount received from the Christmas snowfall over a firm base. The Pomalift was unfortunately not in service tonight.Trails 1, 2, 3, and 4 were opened. The first runs were down underneath the Quad on Trail 3 with a crossover on 4.


Something that was done on the off season was the blasting and the leveling of the knoll that was on the trail between the Poma and the Quad, that you had to walk up before that you no longer have to do to get there.


Snow making was being done on the upper part of trail 4 and the others 5, and 6. Normally the snow park is on trail 5 and 6, but being early season, they have set up a few modules on the right, on the way up the lift on trail 3. 

Snow making on the upper Trail 4:


A few runs down the 1 and 2 were made and then a break to warm up in the chalet. There was a breeze at the top which made it quite chilly. 

Trail 1 near the chalet: 


Trail 2:


After a couple of hours of skiing in the chill, it was time to call it and pack it in for the night. The conditions were as always excellent. With a few more cold days and evenings with snow making, it would not be long before the remaining trails would be opened and the full snow park set up. There will be a few more visits to be had at Bellevue before this season is done.

Here are a few more scenes of the evening:







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Wow the snow looked great there too. This season is making up for the past few that have been lackluster. This mountain should be a model for other towns and cities. There is nothing like living within walking distance or even a bus route to be able to go skiing. Big or small, skiing is skiing and that's what matters most. Bellevue really looks to be of a quite decent size. Do most people that visit live in walking distance or near the slopes? It seems it would be quite popular for those that do. I just love looking at the Google Streetview and seeing all the houses and neighborhoods right across the street and around the mountain.

Thanks for sharing Paul. Looks like you had a great time out.

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I was just checking Google Maps satellite image and it appears that the magic carpet goes up between the trees but there isn't enough room to ski down along side , like you typically can on other magic carpets. Does it direct you onto the other trails near the bottom? How does it work?


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The Magic carpet runs parallel to the Pomalift. When the Magic carpet was installed a couple of years ago, they had to widen the lift line a bit to accommodate it. At the top of the carpet when you get off, you are directed to the left where there is a small slope that leads to Trail 1 and then back down to the bottom. Just enough for the beginner to get a taste of skiing a slope. It isn't very long, I would say not much more of the quarter of the length of the Poma.

The clientele at Bellevue is mostly city folk, lots of kids. I don't believe that public transit would allow you to board with skis and poles. I maybe wrong but I don't know of anyone who has tried. Would make perfect sense to take public transit to go there. There is no stop at the hill but a couple of streets down on Galt street, then you would have to walk up a bit to get there. yes there are a lot of residences and apartment buildings around, the hill sits right in the middle of everything. I am 15 minutes away by car, so if I need a ski fix and I don't have a lot of time, Bellevue is the place to go for me.

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