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Ski Mont Blanc - December 17, 2017


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mb-dec17.thumb.jpg.73e170fa20076e8836be9676419588ab.jpgWhat a great start to the ski season we have had! Definitely one of the best in recent memory, especially comparing to two years ago, where we had no snow and warm temperatures until almost the end of December. Today was a fantastic ski day at Mont Blanc, and both the temperature and the snow made it feel more like January than a week before Christmas. 

The morning dawned bright and sunny, with a bright blue sky free of any clouds. What does this mean, in December? Cold! The temperature when I started skiing around 9:00 was around -22, and it only warmed up to -15 by lunchtime. The air was dry, however, and there was no wind, so the cold was very bearable. With 4 layers under my coat and warmers in my hands and feet, I was able to ski for 3 hours without taking a break. 

The cold weather at Mont Blanc over the past few weeks, in addition to a bunch of new high-performance snow guns this season, has made for great snowmaking opportunities. Although the hill hasn't had massive quantities of natural snowfall, numerous small amounts over the past week have made for beautiful scenery, and has made the base a lot softer than what we are used to at this time of year. While firm, the top layer was soft enough to carve into without slippage of any type, and the surface felt more "snowy" than "frozen" or "icy". On some of the trails that had just opened, there was lots of frozen granular, but I avoided this by simply skiing on the other trails. Some of the other trails had such good conditions that I didn't mind skiing them over and over again, and overall, conditions were fantastic for this time of year. 

18 out of 43 trails were open, which seems like a record to me. In 12 years of being a season's passholder at Mont Blanc, I can't ever remember having so many options available this early in the season. The majority of the Mont Blanc side was open, apart from the Elephant and the natural snow trails. One of my favorites of the day was the Yodel, which was perfectly groomed with a soft base. Normally this beginner trail is crowded with learners, but in the morning it was pretty empty, so I was able to go fast and carve, without any worries. I also enjoyed the Robert, both for the good quality of snow, as well as the interesting terrain: the trails curves slightly and a varying slope, meaning you always have to pay attention and adjust yourself as the gradient changes. Rounding out my picks on this side were the Geant, Boulevard, and Foret de Mambo. New this year, the Foret de Mambo is a new trail through the trees at the top of the hill near the Yodel. Ranked as intermediate, it has stuffed animals tied to the trees, and is a path-type glade, as opposed to one where you can move anywhere. Despite being short and easy, it was nice to have a glade to ski so early in the season.


1 & 2: Yodel, 3 & 4: top of Mont Blanc, 5: going up the chairlift on Mont Blanc. 

The options on Mont Faustin were much more limited, and basically consisted of the Panda, Suisse, and Lynx. Out of these options, the Suisse is normally my favorite, but this time I did most of my skiing on the Panda. I prefer the terrain of the Suisse, but since it was newly open for the season, conditions were a bit too frozen granular for my liking. I tried the Lynx once, but didn't go again because snowmaking on neighbouring trails made visibility poor, and conditions were also frozen granular. In terms of future terrain, snowmaking was in full swing on the Loup and Renard, as well as the North side. If all goes well, the North side should be open very soon, perhaps as soon as this coming weekend. Normally this side opens after Christmas or even in early January, so to have this option during the Christmas vacation will be great. 


1, 2 & 6: Panda, 3: Suisse, 4: junction of the Suisse and Panda, 5: top of Mont Faustin.

Predictably, the mountain was not very busy today. With two quad chairlifts in operation, wait times were non-existent, particularly on the Faustin side where sometimes there were only two people in front of me at the lift. There was a pre-season rate in effect for lift tickets, which remains valid until the end of the week. Overall, despite the chilly temperature, I greatly enjoyed my morning at Mont Blanc, due to the large amount of terrain open at this time of year, the good snow conditions, and the bright blue sky. Get your ski stuff out of the basement and dust it off, because this Christmas is shaping up to be one of the best for skiing in years!



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Amazing report Jake. Thank you for sharing the great pictures. I've only been to Mont Blanc once two years ago but I definitely want to return. The variety of trails and terrain is quite impressive. The Geant was alot of fun with great views all along the way down. Can't wait. 

How do the trails on Mont Blanc Nord compare to the ones on Mont Blanc and Mont Faustin?

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What I particularly like about this mountain is there is lodging right in the base chalet. To me that is great if you want to spend time away at the mountain and save yourself the hassle of going back and forth between a hotel or a long drive. And way more affordable than at Tremblant!!!

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Great Report Jake. Love the pics, glad you had a nice sunny day for your outing. I have not skied Mont Blanc before but from the photos, it looks quite interesting. I had been by there only once and that was a couple of years ago on my way to Tremblant for the weekend in the fall. Definitely on the radar now as a potential outing sometime.

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