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Bretton Woods to build new gondola and a summit chalet


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Just saw in the news today that Bretton Woods plans to install a 8 passenger gondola, to be ready for the next ski season. They also announced a summit chalet would be built in 2018-2019.

Here's some more details from the news.



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Here is the map of Bretton Woods I found with the line of the proposed Gondola project. It is to run from the base, crossover the Bethlehem Quad, and end at the top of the Fabyan’s Triple Chair, which is to be truncated to accommodate the top station of the gondola.D270C73C-7A2E-453B-91A1-96F3910DF0D4.thumb.jpeg.2e6785481ed7186ee74c1ad8c3835545.jpeg


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Here are a few snaps of the new Gondola at Bretton Woods that I managed to take today. It is supposed to be operational for the upcoming season. What is interesting is that there is a crossover of the Bethlehem Express Quad lift with the Gondola a little ways up the line. I am hoping to get back there sometime this winter.






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