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Vermont Lift Ticket Prices for 2017/18


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Just posted today on New England Ski Industry’s Facebook page and website, the average cost for a lift ticket in Vermont has increased by 8% for the 2017/18 ski season. There are now 6 areas that meet or exceeded the $100 a day lift ticket price! That’s $100 USD! 

Stowe Mountain Resort tops the list at $131 USD/day (add the current exchange rate to that), and the least expensive is Queeche Club bottoming out at $45 USD. THE OTHER $100+ areas in Vermont this year are: Sugarbush, Stratton, Killington, Okemo, Mount Snow to top off the high end. Rounding out the bottom is Magic Mountain, Burke, Middlebury College Snowbowl, and  Queeche.

The biggest spike in price this year belongs to Sugarbush at a jump of $27 USD including the RFID fee.

The link below is to the graph representing lift ticket rates from 2013/14 to 2017/18. 

So fellow slopeedgers, if we want to play in Vermont this year, we have to pay!


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Same here. Hard to take people seriously in Quebec when they complain over the ski area charging $30-45 dollars for a day. Go to Vermont and you'll quickly have a reality check. Let's hope the whole industry doesn't head in that direction. I can understand operational costs are increasing but $131 USD for a day at Stowe, that's difficult to swallow.

There will always be a market for the smaller local ski areas, as their pricing and offer can still make skiing affordable and accessible for all. It's good to have options.

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This is the prime example of why I support the smaller hills like Cochran's, Lyndonville Outing Club, Northeast Slopes in VT to name a few. I haven't found or seen the average in New Hampshire yet but I do know that Bretton Woods is pushing high $80's low $90's USD for full day. Liftopia may be my best friend this year to save a little scrilla for my US skiing. 

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I'm late to the party here, but to note most of the bigger resorts have options to buy your tickets (way) in advance at a much reduced price from the day pass. The only trouble is, as we've seen this year, be prepared to ski in any condition if you buy early. Sugarbush and Killington offer significantly reduced day tickets in the spring and there is still quite a lot to ski on, long after Tremblant closes. But yeah, midseason..forget that. Even if the exchange was at par, this is not whistler or squaw or vail. I like long trails but happy to just to laps on our local, super affordable "mountains". 



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