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2017-18 Ski Season - New Ski Areas to Discover


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With the 2017-18 Ski Season approaching us, and will be here before you know it, are there any new ski areas that anyone has planned to discover for the first time this year? I have a few that are on my list for this year, the first being Tenney Mountain, NH which is supposed to be reopening after a 6 year closure. Lots of work being done there to prepare for the upcoming season. Also on the list would be Black Mountain, ME, Suicide Six in Vermont and maybe Burke Mountain, VT. I hope to have the time to visit all of them but we will see what mother nature throws us this year, and if I have the time for all as well. 


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Hey Paul, nice choices to visit.

For me, I would love to visit Whiteface, and perhaps a new mountain in Vermont (Jay Peak, Burke, Sugarbush, Killington) only one of the above though this year.

In Québec, hoping to visit some more mountains in the Laurentians such as Vallée Bleue. In Lanaudiere, perhaps Mont Garceau or Montcalm.

And of course, Ski Saint-Bruno. Never been but interested in seeing it.

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I can agree with Shane on Owl's Head, you won't be disappointed. Also The Upward Trail, Lakeview and the Couloir are pretty decent runs off of the Lake Quad. The views are just fantastic on a sunny day. One pretty decent view from the top of the Green chair, when you are looking up the lake is the steeple of the Abbey at St-Benoit-du-Lac. 

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So far this season I haven't travelled to the areas mentioned in my initial post, but that is fine. I have discovered 2 new areas this season in Sommet Olympia and Wildcat, NH. Totally the opposite of the plan. For me this year of travelling to the US is pretty much done until next season. 


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