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What are people riding on?


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As winter approaches I always get an itching to buy another pair of skis.  I guess I'm addicted.  I'm curious what others in the area are riding on? Does everyone stick to a single pair or do they have a "quiver" of options.

Right now for alpine this is what I'm using:

Main ski - Fischer Ranger 90TI (it really has a 92 waist at 186cms) 125-92-114

Fatter ski - Elan Spectrum ALU 105, Amphibio (left and right ski) 180cms  (142-105-120) heavy rock solid ride. Great for crud, spring snow and powder.

Backcountry ski - Atomic Drifter 182cms with Hammerhead Telemark bindings, plus Atomic skins. (132-95-121)


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Last season and for the start of this upcoming season, anyway, my number 1 pair of skis are the Fischer Progressor F-19's (demos) that I bought at the end of the 2014-15 season. My back up pair is the Rossignol Radical line that I had purchased in 2013. They were my number 1's until I got the Fischers. I plan to use them as equally this year. The are both 177's. I do need to get new boots at some point later on this season. 


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Nice sets.

For me, I am currently riding on some earlier Head skis from the current generation, still in great condition and haven't let me down in performance. A set of Head iC180 and a set of Head iSlalom.

My iSlalom skis grip and turn nice and quick. I had bought them a while back but never used them so they are almost in new condition and have become my main pair. They are 165cm in length. I used to ski with 180s but currently I prefer the shorter length to have a quicker initiation of my turns and like the skis to be more responsive. Overall I am having more fun with them.

What I do need is a new pair of boots. Perhaps this year or the next.

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Good boots are key. I bought some new used stock boots last year as I needed something a little stiffer. Went with some Dalbello Vipers ID, 120 Flex.  The stiffer boots made a world of difference.  Right now Sport Chek and Sporting Life in Ottawa have some good deals on older stock. 

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Thanks for the heads up. Some good deals definitely on some Rossignol boots at Sporting Life.


Kunstadt Sports usually have some good deals too, but nothing listed on the website at this moment (www.kunstadt.com). I'll probably drop in soon to check it out.

Since we are going from skis to boots, what flex do you guys wear? Gordo I see you have 120, but what were your previous boots?

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I currently have the Dalbello Aerro S9 as pictured. The flex index indicated on the boot is at 60. I have had these for about 5 seasons now and got them on sale at Econosport in Sherbrooke. They are a comfortable boot but last year I experienced some discomfort in the shin area with both boots. One more so than the other. I am thinking the inserts might have shifted. It feels like your socks are bunched up but they aren't. Any ideas what might cause this?



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My old boots were Dalbello Aspect 90.  The flex is 90 but a rather stiff 90... probably more like 100 in other boots.  That being said I found they were a little soft for driving big heavy skis like my Elan Spectrums.  Nice boots though, pretty light, have a decent walk mode and a stiffness adjustment.  Not sure if I will sell them or keep them as a back up.  Size 28.5 (328mm)

Paul not sure about your discomfort problem but it could be that the boots are just getting old and the liner is packed down.  Time for new boots! 



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You're probably right, time for new boots. I am going to start the season with them and see if the problem persists, otherwise if I find a deal I can't refuse on a new pair, I will pull the trigger and get them. I didn't spend a lot on this pair so I figure I got a good deal. 

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