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Mont Tremblant photos 1950's-60's


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Amazing photos. The place is relatively unrecognizable these days except for some key trails left from that era. The resort village, and the expansion of the skiable terrain.

I believe that there were some lifts that started in the current base parking lot near the current Cabriolet, that brought you up to near the Flying Mile lift. That area is now the pedestrian village with only one ski trail (I believe Voyageur) that follows a narrow path down by the hotels.

Definitely love the single chair. Impressed by the towers that they had a similar construction (in materials and design) to alot of t-bars from that era.

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Guest Lars Slate

That second picture is Gray Rocks with Tremblant in the background. My parents were ski instructors in the 60s and 70s and I pretty much grew up on the mountain in the 1970's. Still cool to visit the original lodge that is still in its original location.

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    • By Gordo
      Found this going through some old files. Not sure about the date but probably mid to late 60's?

    • By Gordo
      Soft turns and fog was name of the game on Friday.  We rolled into Tremblant around 9am after a easy two hour drive from Ottawa.  The place was busy with almost all the parking lots at capacity.  The temperature was around zero and with no wind the top third of the mountain was a total white out. First off the lineup at the gondola was insane because the lift was not moving.  We quickly moved over to the Flying Mile and then skied down to TGV to get to the top.  The gondola started back up soon after.  With 93 trails open there was plenty of options.  We started with Laurentienne on the Soleil side. The snow was nice and soft. Tremblant had gotten about 25cms over the week.  Options were soft groomers or natural bump runs.  The forgiving moguls on Jasey-Jay Anderson were really nice.  The fog was a bit of a bummer as you really couldn't rip the steep top pitches as the visibility was very limited.  Maybe if we knew the mountain better it wouldn't have mattered.  Regardless warm weather and no wind at Tremblant is a bit of a miracle.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and even with the holiday masses there was room to move.  I really think Tremblant has stepped up their game in the last couple years. Maybe its the killer snow making but they seem to get terrain open faster then most resorts. I'll be back. 

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