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Sugarloaf, ME - Burnt Mountain Cat Skiing


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This season Sugarloaf is offering Cat skiing on Burnt Mountain. This was a section that was accessible by hiking or skinning in the past. Two passenger cats with capacity for 12, will run tandem bringing skiers and boarders up the more than 1400 vertical feet, for you to drop into the 100+ acres of powder that awaits. Cats will run every 20 Minutes. You must book your seat and the cat will not wait if you are late. You may not get to ride a later cat.

All details of this new adventure are available on Sugarloaf's website with recommendations with advice that this is for Experts only. If you are not comfortable skiing glades, bumps, or navigating variable terrain, then this may not be for you. They recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your ride at the Log Yard, grab a map and peruse the information beforehand. There will be limited number of cat runs and seats during the day.

Check out the details at:


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Looks to me like it's per ride. You have to book a specific time to ride the 20 Minutes to the peak, but not sure how long a run it is once you head off the top. There is some traversing to do back to the trail/lift network to do, so I would imagine it would be one trip. 

Really come to think of it, I skied Mount Abram last winter and a full day lift ticket was $59 USD plus exchange for a hill smaller than Mont Orford where I can ski for $40-$50 CND using my discount PassePartout card at 30% and 40% off the regular $62. I skied Ragged Mountain, NH in December 2014 and early season tix were $40 USD. So skiing in the states is more expensive than here in Quebec for some reason. Factor in a $1.30 ish exchange and compare. Won't stop me from going to the states to ski but makes me more selective on where I would like to go. 

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Great initiative to offer cat skiing. Something very synonymous with Western skiing and Colorado.

Other than Sugarloaf, the Chic-Chocs in Murdocville Quebec offer Cat Skiing (http://www.chic-chac.ca/en/home/), and I think La Reserve in St Donat does as well on their backside. 

Sugarloaf will offer a massive skiable domain with this development. Hopefully it will be well run and supported by the skiers at the mountain.

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