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Camp Fortune 1960


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Wow those pictures are amazing. From the first one you can clearly see Slalom, Clifford and Marshall. Although Clifford seems to be not as cleared as it is now in the bottom section.

The current chalet seems to be positioned near the rounded parking near the middle.

Also doesn't look like Allen's Alley is there back then. Hard to say, without the buildings to have as a reference.

Where was that T-Bar? Going up by Clifford or was it on the Meech side back in the day? (The profile of the mountain matches more with Meech in my opinion.) I do know that there was a t-bar on Meech for a time, then it was shutdown and there was no service on that side of the mountain until the current quad was installed and opened.

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Not sure about the T-bar it could be between Clifford and Marshall. Hard to know. Back in the day they had two T-bars for the three hills. One went up right next to Slaloms which was nice as now you have to skate ski over and then bomb the end to get back to the quad.  Found an old season pass the other day. Lots of moguls back in 1992/93! 


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