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Financial issues for Massif du Sud


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The municipality of Saint-Philémon has decided yesterday to take measures to recuperate large sums of money on un-payed property taxes on all the housing and properties, including the ski resort itself. Saint-Philémon intends to seize all the properties of the Station touristique Massif du Sud.

At its meeting of Tuesday 5 September, the municipal council adopted a resolution requesting the bailiff in charge of the case to seize and sell all the property belonging to the tourist resort, including the ski resort.This is in addition to the one involving real estate properties near the station.

The amounts owed are valued at around $850,000.

The municipality has stated that they don't believe these actions will affect the ski resort business or the jobs involved.

It's important to note that there have been parties that have voiced their interest to acquire the ski mountain but nothing more than that.

Definitely news to follow as more details are sure to come...


News article on La Voix du Sud (in French) : http://www.lavoixdusud.com/actualites/politique/2017/9/6/saint-philemon-entend-saisir-l-ensemble-des-biens-de-la-station-.html

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Here is a bit of an update in regards to the situation at Massif du Sud. They are still prepping to open for the upcoming season despite having their issues with the town of St-Philémon. The mayor of St. Philémon will wait until October 12 before proceeding with the next step. The adimistraion of Massif de Sud has 30 days to propose a plan to take care of the situation (had been given notice on or around the beginning of September), or the ultimate solution is to place the mountain and its equipment up for sale to recoup the amount owing. I am hoping this all works out in the end as Massif de Sud is concidered one of Quebec's major ski centres and its loss would be a big one.


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Update on the Massif du Sud situation. According to this story, linked via Facebook, Massif du Sud has come to an agreement with the town of St-Philemon to take care of their financial situation with them which puts a stop to the seizure and sale of the mountain by the town to recoup the sum that is owed to them. The deal was confirmed late yesterday, the deadline that the mountain had to come up with a plan. No detail revealed on exactly what the agreement is, but it seems to be confirmed that there will be skiing at the mountain this winter. Employees had been moving forward this fall in preparing for a season during this tough time. The deal was confirmed late yesterday afternoon. If Mother Nature cooperates, they expect to open December 9th.


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Definitely good news to hear. Lets hope things can be resolved definitively to avoid issues again in the next season and into the future.

It's a great mountain with a large following due to it's abundance of natural snow and amazing conditions.

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Well it looks like the ongoing issues at Massif du Sud are.......well still ongoing. The link below is from the French local news outlet la voix du sud. Here is a translation of the contents via Google translate: May not be 100%

ST PHILÉMON. The lease file linking the Massif du Sud tourist station (STMS) and the company 9367-3085 Québec inc., Owner of the land used by the station, will finally go to arbitration.

The company, whose chief executives are Louis Beauregard, Philippe Thirion and Daniel Thirion, had filed an eviction order against the owners of the station after sending a notice of termination of the emphyteutic lease in mid-November. It criticized the leaders of the tourist resort for failure by the company to meet many of its obligations.

For one, Louis Beauregard was not surprised by this decision made in court last week. "The judge was in a particular situation. According to the agreement that we have and according to our claims, the tourist resort was in default and has never disputed this fact. The law also allows us to terminate the lease in an extra-judicial way. The station wanted to finally argue and our lease provides that in case of default or disagreement, there may be arbitration.

As he does not expect a settlement in this dispute for a few weeks, it is already established that it is the current leaders who will operate the station by the end of the season. "Our intention has never been to close the station. On the contrary, we offered them things so that they could operate anyway. What we think is that the station only wanted to save time. According to my understanding, someone still has the opportunity to appeal in a court of law except that it will not be possible with arbitration. Finally in the first days of May, there will be a referee's judgment. It will be fast and without appeal. "

The management of the resort has not yet responded to our interview request.


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