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Summer Ski Area Scenes


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On the way back from Old Orchard Beach, ME this past Friday, I passed by a few ski areas along the way, one I have not skied yet but someday hoping to, Shawnee Peak located outside of Bridgton, ME and one I have skied, Black Mountain in Jackson, NH. The time I did ski Black Mountain it was March 2016 the year of very little snow. When I was there, only half the width of many trails were covered and the rest was totally brown. I wanted to get a full on photo of Black Mountain, but I could not find a decent place or opening to take one. I did however drive by the defunct Mount Tyrol Ski Area trying to find a spot. No photos unfortunately as for one the chalet and been turned into a private residence and again no decent location to take any photos of the mountain.

Shawnee Peak, ME with Moose Lake in front.


A few shots of Black Mountain, NH.



An old Beginners slope at Black Mountain (below). This lift you see was once what they called a shovel handle tow. Looked like a shovel handle dangling from the haul cable like what a t-bar or pomalift would be but would hang just a bit higher and you would hang on to the shovel handle to be  hauled up the hill. Not 100% sure if this lift is still used or not.



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I would think Shawnee would be worth the trip but I wouldn't make a day trip out of it even being located out of the Sherbrooke area myself. A bit of a drive but a stay over in North Conway would make it a nice overnighter or a two night stay and do a combo of Shawnee and nearby Cranmore in town. You have Black Mountain, Attitash, Wildcat, King Pine, and Bretton Woods as other options as well within a half hour of North Conway. I am hoping to get to at least one of them this winter.

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Just got back home earlier this week from a trip to the Gaspé region of Quebec and along the way passed by a few more ski areas. 

The trails at Mont Farlagne - Edmundston, NB


Mont Restigouche - Pointe à La Croix, QC. Across the river from Campbellton, NB. This ski area has been closed since 2006. These are the trails on the upper side of the hill.


Le Petit Chamonix - Matapedia, QC.


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