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Mont Chilly in Super 8, 2017


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This might interest some. In early April 2017 I shot some Super 8 film at Mont Chilly. The film was shot on Kodak Tri-X Reversal B&W and a lot is time-lapse footage.  A buddy then recorded some live keyboard music to the cut. Kind of experimental and the footage is a little washed out, it was a bright day and I didn't have a ND filter but take a look. I think the Super 8 film fits with the retro vibe of the place.


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Hi Gordo, wow that video is great. The place definitely has a rustic retro old school feel to it and this video really compliments it well, having been filmed in a way that is appropriate to the era.

Very much a place of old, but worth the time to reach it every time. 

Thanks for sharing!

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