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Intrawest acquired by Aspen Ski Company


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Full details here: https://www.slopeedge.net/content/intrawest-resorts-holdings-inc-to-be-acquired-by-affiliates-of-aspen-skiing-company-and-ksl-capital-partners

What are your thoughts. No doubt we will have to wait till the Fall or perhaps the following season to see what kind of improvements on mountain there may be. But in the meantime,

What would you like to see improved at Tremblant for the skiing experience?


-Lowell Thomas replaced with High Speed Quad.

-Duncan Express replaced with six-pack lift.

-More development on the Versant Soleil.

For Blue Mountain, they already have robust infrastructure with 4 six-pack lifts and additional quads, so not sure what could be realistically improved there other than possible terrain expansion, which I am not sure is even possible.

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Honestly I don't know what I really think of this other than to say it is great for these areas to have the resources now for probably some well overdue investments and upgrades to infrastructure. On the other hand with these big expenditures goes inflating lift ticket prices. One of the main reasons why I don't ski here. Why spend huge bucks to spend time in line just so I can make 8-10 runs in a day. I know it depends on the day when you go to catch the smaller lift lines but honestly not worth the $$ in my books. Same goes for Bromont. Spend a fortune for a lift ticket just to stand in line waiting. Great for the local economy don't get me wrong, but not my bag. That's probably why I like seeking out the smaller area, the ones that are not well known like Whaleback, Mt. Abram, Cochran's, Lyndon Outing Club. I have had excellent ski days here and without the extended lift lines and shelling out a ton of cash to do it. I don't mind the drive to get to these places, and next winter it will most likely to be the same. Makes for some interesting reports as well.

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Definitely agree on the lift lines. Some larger places do have the ability or layout to handle large crowds. I find that Sommet Saint-Sauveur, while very busy, the lines are usually localized to the Atomic Express (main lift) and partly to the Flèche d'Argent, while the rest of the lifts are fairly quick or just 2-3 minutes even on most busy days. But yes Tremblant is really bad, they need to improve their capacity at this point. There's been no change in over 10-15 years to this. Last major upgrade was the Gondola, and that was 1998. The money spent on the Casino gondola should have been spent elsewhere on the mountain. Then again I'm sure LotoQuebec and the Casino helped with the cost of the Gondola since it really is there to serve them.

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