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Camp Fortune - March 26, 2017

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cf-march26.thumb.jpg.5e7ed423c9ceb0f8e36c69d4f817a179.jpgWe raced up to Fortune in the hope of getting a bunch of runs in before the freezing rain hit.  We were rewarded with perfect grooming and no lines.  Though a little colder then the gorgeous day on Saturday I suspect the snow was better today. Heggtveit was our number one pick and we GS styled down it half a dozen times to get the blood flowing.  The rest of the runs were in great shape with only Swan Dive closed on the Skyline side.  I'm hoping Fortune can extend the season to the Easter weekend, fingers crossed. 


Heggtveit in all its groomed glory



The Valley



Lower section of Clifford


The park


We almost got first tracks! 


The Chute and Canadian were is everyone. Don't pack up your skis yet. 


Skyline Lift


Craigsmarc tree run next to Heggtveit


Lower Canadian 

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Beautiful day it would seem. It looks almost like you had the entire place to yourself Locknar. Even the Craigsmarc glade looked to be in good condition. Definitely a great day to be out on the slopes before the poor weather hit.... which I could have been there. :)

Based on the amount of snow left there should be no real issue lasting till Easter. Now it will realistically come down to what kind of weather we get. The forecasts do show a decent amount of rain over the next two weeks and mild temperatures. If I remember correctly, Fortune has been open mid April the past few years. And some of those times the snow pack had already gone down by mid March so we are already ahead. Let's hope it holds. 

Next time I'm out on the slopes we should meet up and do some turns. 

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Yeh its looking pretty grim right now with all the rain and freezing rain but the long term forecast for Friday is saying 5-10cm up in the Mont Ste-Marie area.  I'm hoping I can get up there on Saturday.... if its open.


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