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Calabogie Peaks - March 19, 2017

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P1040939.thumb.jpg.2cbec991b637ee6b47eb4d947bce2cb7.jpgHeading outside at 8:55am, I made my way to the Lakeview quad to start my day. Upon first glance, the trails were all nicely groomed and the snow is impeccable. I line up and make it to be on the first chair up the mountain. Mission accomplished!

While heading up the mountain, I look in the direction of Black Donald, my first destination, and the big reason for coming today. For those not familiar with Calabogie, this trail has the best views of the Calabogie Lake in the distance. For almost half of the descent, you get stunning views, especially during the section leading in at the summit.

Conditions overall were firm base, that was slightly softening up as the day progressed. All the trails had been well groomed, and not really any ice to worry about, except for Face of Tiger, which is always a tricky spot for snow conditions.

Having done Black Donald several times, and Juniper Junction to finish off at the bottom, I moved across to more trails, such as Fiddler and Whistlin Patty, both in great shape. I also visited Buckshot and Barrett Chute. For the most part, I really stayed on the Lakeview chair the whole time, as that was where the fun was at this weekend.

With plenty of sun and temperatures slowly warming up, spring is just around the corner. So too is the famous spring skiing ambiance and atmosphere. 

Have a great week ahead and happy skiing!


Summit of Lakeview quad



Black Donald




Lower Black Donald


Calabogie Lake


Whistlin Patty


Barrett Chute


Base area

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Guest Bernie

I have often heard of Calabogie Peaks but never made it so far. Your report along with the photos make it out to be a fun place to go and ski. The conditions seem pretty good and I wonder how much longer they will operate this year. I like that your site covers the ski operations here in Eastern Ontario and Quebec. Keep up the good work and until the next report

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