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Mont Bellevue - March 17, 2017

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IMG_1676.thumb.JPG.e7a59c9c4eaee0f60105f4c5330e0e5e.JPGAfter a couple of weeks of no skiing, tonight I needed a ski fix, so Mont Bellevue was just what the doctor ordered. Mont Bellevue, located in the heart of the city of Sherbrooke is operated by the Municipality and offers a small variety of trails, 10 in all. You are not going to find many challenges here as there are no trails marked any higher than Intermediate. The hill is a popular spot for mostly families with small children, and teens. The cost of a lift ticket here for residents of Sherbrooke doesn't run higher that $16, with proof of residency, for a full day ticket. Non-residents do not pay much more than $20 or so. Bellevue has 1 fixed grip Quad, new this season, 1 Poma, and a beginners Magic Carpet lift. During the construction of the Quad, they had removed a second Pomalift that served as a back up lift for the old Double chair that had been there.


It had been indicated on www.maneige.com earlier in the week that Bellevue was closed for the season. A phone call yesterday to the hill confirmed this, as the hill had been closed a little after the melt. It had been closed last week, so I figured they were saving what was left for last weekend, but it was even closed then. Obviously with the dump of snow we received this week, they reopened this afternoon for the weekend. I arrived at 6 pm to a half filled parking lot. Usually on a Friday night it's filled. The conditions were fantastic! Groomed packed powder and some little pockets that weren't touched. There was a decent crowd tonight but the line up for the Quad and the Poma wasn't more than 5 minutes at most. The hill was fully open, all 10 trails and all 3 lifts were operating. I finished the evening at 8:30 after a dozen runs. As always Mont Bellevue didn't disappoint.

Here are some photos of the evening.






The view of the City of Sherbrooke:


The old Poma liftline now Trail 4B:IMG_1678.thumb.JPG.264e7ed6a3c51a9761d095896f8acb30.JPG





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The mountain is quite nice looking. The Mount Royal style cross at the summit looks great all lit up. Also amazed at how close the houses get to the base of the mountain. Big or small mountain, I don't think I'd get bored easily if I lived within ski boot walking distance to the slopes.

I'm particularly interested in the detachable Poma lift. I've never ridden one of those lifts so it would be interesting to experience it. Perhaps next season when I visit the townships. 


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