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Camp Fortune - March 14th, 2017

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Nothing like night skiing in a blizzard! Wow was it windy at the top of Skyline but the skiing was great.  I arrived around 7pm and we had about 6cm of fresh snow on top of hard pack.  Just enough snow to the crust.  I stuck to Skyline and I have to say I have never seen Bud, Canadian and the Chute so well groomed. Not a single bump or mogul anywhere so smooth and flat. This must be because of the Ontario Provincial U14 races this Wednesday and Thursday. Anyway the skiing was wicked and I'm glad we got that storm, this morning Camp Fortune is saying close to 20cm fell and its still snowing.  I didn't take many pictures as my hands froze pretty quick out of the gloves.  BTW the snow is light and fast not your typical wet March snow at all.  Enjoy the fresh!





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