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New Quad at Mont Bellevue - 2016


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At the end of last season 2015-16, Bellevue had closed by the end of March and they didn't waste any time in tearing down the old double chair to begin work on installing the new fixed grip quad chair. The previous double was a mix of Doppelmayr double chairs, and the towers manufactured by Samson, an old Quebec lift manufacturer that no longer does chairlifts. The double was down and out of the way by the beginning of April. The construction of the new quad spanned over the summer and was completed by mid November. Here is a photo chronicle of the work done during this time from start to finish. The first photos of the tearing down of the double, and the construction of the Quad. The result of the installation of the quad was the removal of a Pomalift that ran on the other side of the trail to the right of the chair. The former lift line of the old Poma is now a new trail. I have ridden the new quad and there is quite a difference in the noise produced from this lift as to the old double chair. The new quad runs at a considerable lower noise level than the old chair. The ride is rather nice and decently comfortable compared to the old chair. Being that Mont Bellevue is operated by the city of Sherbrooke and me being a skier, I feel that this was money well spent. The double was at the end of its life and needed to be removed and replaced.

















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This new lift is the same style as the new quad at Mont Cascades, a Doppelmayr Eco-Drive. Nice to see that new designs for lifts can allow a smaller drive terminal when the mountain and lift line doesn't require a larger one. 

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