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Mt. Abram, Maine - February 4, 2017


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mt-abram1.thumb.jpg.602b7a6fcd96d2d7ed3cfa72c5e22e25.jpgPrevious report of my ski day at Mt. Abram, ME that was posted on another ski website forum.

The Choice of Destination - Mt. Abram, Maine. The day began with my departure from Sherbrooke at 5:30am via Colebrook, NH and Balsams Wilderness, (route 26) with a brief stop to visit the closed ski area, and I arrived at Mt. Abram at 08:30. I noticed that there was no cellular service from Colebrook, NH to Newery, ME, (Sunday River) on Highway 26. It is a remote area, not a lot of cars travel this road.

Balsams Wilderness, NH:


Today at Mt.Abram, there was telemark racing (USTSA – the United States Telemark Skiers Association) with their Telefest, a day of free demos for people who wanted to try telemark skis. The price of a weekend lift ticket is here $59 USD. The conditions were fantastic, mixture of granular snow and packed powder on a firm base. No patches of ice anywhere. 47 trails open 2 chairlifts, and a little later in the morning, the t bar was running. The crowd was moderate today, but very little waiting in line for either of the two double chairs. The mountain consists of two sectors, the main base area with 1 double Chair and a t-bar, and the Western sector where the easier slopes are located and where the majority of families ski with their children. The other double chairlift is located here with a magic carpet. There is a nice selection of terrain for everyone's different levels of ability.


In recent years, the ski area had lost its main ski lodge to a fire and rebuilt a new one. It is a steel framed structure with a “skin” that I don’t really want to call a tent, but it does resemble one. I found it to be a bit crowded with all the racers, but there is a section with the bar that opened just before noon, and found a place to have a small break. The Western sector has a smaller chalet where families with their children take their breaks and have lunch.

The Main Base area with the demo tents:


The Western Sector and its Chalet:


I skied for about 4 and a half  hours with a 10 minute break and finished at 01:30. I had great day here and the chairlift operators and anyone that I spoke with were very friendly. If anyone would like a different experience in skiing than Sunday River, Mt. Abram is the place to go. Here are a few more pictures of the day:







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Welcome to SlopeEdge Paul, and thank you for sharing your ski report with us.

I'd never heard of this mountain but it appears to be quite nice. The layout of the trails on the trail map reminds me of Val St.-Come. 

How long of a drive was it from Sherbrooke? The trail map also suggest some alpine-touring trails near the far left. Very interesting :) 

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Hi Shane, 

Thank you for welcoming me to the site. Happy to share. Abram does look to have some alpine touring on what looks like to be an area that was once part of the ski area on the left side of the map. Not sure if this area was abandoned at some point and then converted. 

The drive from Sherbrooke as per Google Maps to Abram is 2 and a half hours which is pretty accurate. I stopped at Balsams Wilderness for a visit as the area had been closed since 2011 to take some photos of what is there and that added 30 minutes to the trip. 

I love exploring new places to ski and this one was a sure winner in my books. I would definitely go back again. There will be many more reports to come from me as long as I get out and ski!

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I actually used to work at Owl's Head from 1989-2001 on the main quad at the top and in the Apartment Hotel down by the Lake Quad. Actually when the old Orange double was still there. 

Orford, and Owl's Head are others that I like. I usually go for the smaller areas for a change like Baie des Sables in Lac Megantic. I have been to Cochran's in Richmond, VT a couple of times. Nice small hill with t-bar and rope tow. I have also been to the Lyndon Outing Club in Lyndonville, VT a couple of times as well. So you can see there is potential for some interesting reports. I am targeting a few more New Hampshire and Vermont areas maybe for this season and for next. 

Mont Bellevue, our municipal ski hill in Sherbrooke is pretty decent for a small place. When I need a quick ski fix, I'll go there.

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Never heard of this mountain. It looks like a great place to ski if you're interesting in exploring and want to avoid the commercialism of the big, well-known resorts. It's amazing how many "unknown" mountains there are in New England, typically we only hear about the popular ones! It would make an interesting trip to go through New England, skiing only at places like these.

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