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Camp Fortune - February 13, 2017


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IMG_20170213_091744209.thumb.jpg.d285342cba9ac1a702a6f790a59c4139.jpgJust got home from a fantastic morning at Camp Fortune. About 30cms dropped over Sunday afternoon into the night resulting in some beauty powder for Monday morning. I grabbed my fatties and made it to the hill for almost first chair.  Heggtveit, The Chute and Duffy were left un-groomed for the powder hounds.  Craigsmarc and Swan Dive were busy with "free riders" including Craig himself.  Got in a bunch of runs on Heggtveit and the Chute before they became chopfest.  The snow was light though so even the fresh made moguls were easy enough. Went over to the Valley later, it was a ghost town, but lots of powder was to be found on Duffy and in the trees between the runs. Killer morning, give me more 2017!














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1 hour ago, Locknar said:

Challenging! steep with lots of trees, rocks and lift pillars.  Also everyone can see you. Be ready for cheers, boos, and lawn sale claps!  But hey on a killer powder day go for it.



*yard sale.

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Haha. nothing worse than going underneath the chairlift and wiping out or having a tough time for all to see. I've rarely seen anyone going down under the skyline quad though during my visits. But it does look like some pretty heavy duty skiing. You got to know how to tame the beast.

If anyone else was up today, be sure to share your thoughts and photos with us below!

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