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Ski Vorlage - February 11, 2017


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What an incredible day at Ski Vorlage. I have been trying my best this season to be at the mountains in time for opening but this is the first time this year I had first chair (after the ski patrol that is). Let me tell you right from the start, the conditions were perfect. A light snow was falling during the morning and the previous night had left some fresh snow as well. For nearly the first hour, I was treated to perfectly groomed corduroy slopes all over.



I started my visit by riding up the blue chair, and taking Snow Dance and then Chute and finishing off on North Slope. The drop on Chute is really something, gives you a big burst of speed and makes you work on your turns as it is quite narrow. Chute isn’t long but it’s a lot of fun.


The next trail for me was Carnaval. Narrower and steeper than Snow Dance, this trail has a nice constant pitch, easy to get your rhythm going on the way down.



Next up was Cote des Neiges, a long classic intermediate trail. A nice spot to check out is right near the final pitch, keep to the right and take the long left turn behind the trees with some speed.


Chien Chaud, an intermediate trail that ends with an advanced level drop. What can I say, it's a drop with a right turn in it, that always makes me stop before tackling it. It feels steeper than the picture makes it out to being.


Since the North Slope T-bar was not running at this time, I took the opportunity to use the cross-over trail to reach Cream Puff and access the green chair.

Lookout, Birch Valley and Arcade. These two intermediates are very ideal learning grounds for skiers. Their slopes are constant and nicely graded from top to bottom, making them very popular for lessons.


Starting off on Lookout, the Vorlage Racing Team was out training their athletes.


Birch Valley.


Arcade is a narrower trail that follows the line under the chairlift.


Since it was another cold day on the slopes, it was a good idea to warm up every few hours in the chalet. On the lower level, there was a bake sale, with all sorts of tasty treats.


The outdoor upper terrace, very popular during spring skiing or for those looking to get some sun.

The family atmosphere and ambiance is really unique. Friendly, relaxing, you are able to come ski and really enjoy yourself. For those coming with their families, you will definitely feel welcome.

Back out on the slopes, doing some of my favorite trails again, like North Slope, and Cote des Neiges to round out the day.




Riding the legendary North Slope T-bar, makes me think of my mother’s time skiing these slopes back in her childhood with her brother.


There is a relatively new trail right next to the bottom part of the t-bar. You can find it by keeping to the left of Cream Puff, a couple hundred feet before the final pitch and ducking into the trees at the opening. It has a nice drop, with a great sensation of speed.

While I don’t have any photos from this visit of La Pente Douce and Sun Dance, they are perfect for any level of beginner skier, whether it is your first time or your tenth. Served by their own double chairlift, they are off to the side of the mountain so there is no possibility of more advanced or fast skiers flying by you while learning.


I always enjoy my visits to Vorlage. The trails are all a lot of fun and each has its own character. From straighter more tame trails, to windier and turn filled ones, there is plenty to enjoy and discover for all. Add to this the welcoming and friendly atmosphere and ambiance, you and your family are free to come and enjoy what matters most, your time out on the slopes together.

Have a great week ahead and happy skiing.


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Reading this report brought back so many great memories of good times or the good old days. Cote des Neiges was always my favorite and put my imagination in high gear. We are so blessed having resorts like this minutes away from downtown. The photos included always add to the report. I love that the T Bar is still being used and supports the good old days. Thank you SlopeEdge for covering all of the local resorts and looking to your next story.

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